Someone call Zola because we're ready for a post-FW Miami rager.



Runway Rundown: 5:31 JÉRÔME Gets Scrambled

Another night of MADE Fashion Week ended with an unforgettable celebration of club glam and full moon maximalism thanks to designer Jérôme LaMaar’s high-energy presentation.  5:31 JÉRÔME’s FW16 collection was ready to take on the night—or the entire weekend.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

Among all the club-ready ensembles, it was the androgynous model decked out in a bright blue fur that had us reaching for our LifeAlert. Paired with serious Cleopatra bling and “fuck off” shades, it’s the look we’d wear when we come out to our grandparents at Olive Garden.

We Can’t Wait to Wear This…

The platform sandal straight out of a high class strip club. Covered entirely in black fur, they’re the shoes that we’ll be wearing for 2AM bodega runs and our appearance at the next function.

We Couldn’t Believe When…

Jérôme made a dash through the crowd of fashion photographers and a truly eccentric mix of creatives to pose alongside his models. His radiant smile and playful attitude reinforced the sense that we were at a pre-party banger ready to party until dawn.  

We Spied…

A skateboard stamped with ‘JREAMER’ and lined with an unforgettable fur trim. It was the perfect accessory to ride through crowds of tourists on the way to steal your girl—and take her shopping.

The Takeaway…

With a crowd as diverse as the model’s outfits and a soundtrack to match, the presentation felt like a mood board for a boozy blackout tour of Miami’s club scene. All we were missing was a margarita, a bump, and Zola the Stripper.

Gif art by Kathryn Chadason. 

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