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5:31 JÉRÔME Gave You A Taste Of The Zodiac

“South Bronx glam!” exclaimed 5:31 JÈRÔME designer Jérôme LaMaar at his MADE Fashion Week presentation. And glam it was. The collection was filled with sequins, paillettes and feathers galore; there were so many feathers, in fact, that the room was decorated with them. Keeping in step with the glamorous theme, the clothes were rendered in radiant jewel tones, deep blues and purples fit for royalty. Embroidery was intricate, embellishment lovingly rendered. The beauty fit perfectly, as models rocked sixties-style teased hair and dramatic eyes.

Above all, the show’s most winning quality may have been its joyful energy. LaMaar sported a huge smile, and his models were having more fun than at any show in recent memory. While presentations can be rough on models—they generally have to stand straight up for at least an hour—at 5:31 JÈRÔME, the girls (plus one boy) were encouraged to dance. The killer soundtrack was a mix of the best of early 2000s pop and R&B, with a healthy dose of Missy Elliott.

We tracked LaMaar down for a quick chat about his constellation-inspired clothing. Read on for a taste of the zodiac.

I saw that the collection was inspired by the zodiac, and I know you’re a Gemini. Where’s the Gemini?

They’re spread out. Guy version, girl version. [Points to models draped in blue fur coats.]

What about the blue furs says Gemini to you?

It’s more about the energy of it. I’m very energetic, as you can see. The colors are very nocturnal and dark, but the two colors give it another hue. It all has some energy inside of it.

I heard that Beyoncé ordered some stuff, is that true?

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. She didn’t order it, she just said, “I want ‘em.” So, we’re working on getting her some beaded jeans.

I read that you started at Baby Phat when you were fifteen. That’s insane! How did that happen?

I was discovered by Kimora’s assistant, and it changed my life. I went from Baby Phat to Ralph Rucci, the opposite, and became a trend consultant for a few brands.

I love how your models have been encouraged to dance.

Yeah, I want them to have fun! They all should have fun! [To models] You having fun or no? [Models cheer]

The soundtrack is amazing. Did you pick it?

Yeah. The idea was that I was looking at the stars and listening to this kind of soundtrack. I was like, “Wow, that’d be cool to have the zodiac come together to show that it could be cool, and sexy, and glamorous all at once.”

For more on 5:31 JÈRÔME, check out our runway rundown.

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