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69 Threw a Denim Dance Party Old Gregg Would Be Proud Of

If denim-era Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears got lost and ended up in Old Gregg’s cave with a jazz band, you’d have the vibe of 69’s Fall/Winter ’16 presentation. The anonymous LA-based designer flew in enough denim to last a lifetime for a MADE Fashion Week that proved the intergalactic funk is still alive. Models in dreaded denim masks danced, undressed, and swapped outfits in shades of blues, blacks, and reds. A soundtrack of tunes your grandparents would get down to in their heyday inspired the jean-covered crowd to arm wrestle, leapfrog, slap each others’ asses, and even make out. Well, at least tried to in those denim masks.

The mopheaded models’ carefree attitude and distinct lack of gender identifiers were almost exclusively cast through Instagram and reflected the brand’s identity. Over five years of collections, they’ve curated a look that is unmistakably 69. The usual twists, ties, and billowing silhouettes that have become a stable were injected with a punch of red that breathed new life into the aesthetic. While most brands have struggled to diversify and reinvent their looks season after season, or see a designer’s ego overshadow the garments, it’s relaxing to watch 69 stay true to their dreamy denim uniforms. While a pair of jean-draped models busted out their best dance moves, we slipped backstage to catch up with the person behind the brand and discuss our favorite mangina-clad manfish.

How did you decide to do this crazy dance concept for this?

There was no dance concept. They’re just doing that on their own. The idea was that they would keep exchanging outfits and I did that because I wanted to—I don’t want to say prove a point, but I’m out of words right now. The idea was that all the clothing looked good and it was interchangeable.

This is probably the most fun I’ve seen people having [during Fashion Week], which is how it should be.

Each of our shows does that.

Were the denim masks inspired by anything?

I’ve wanted to do masks for a while and we ended up making this one mask. We like to take a lot of photos, but we don’t always have different people all the time. So, it just conceals identity and no one’s focused on who that is. And this is Fashion Week. I’m trying to sell my clothes and not the models. I don’t want people to care about that.

It also speaks to you being anonymous. Was the design concept inspired by anything? My friend said that it looked like a very fashionable Old Gregg.

Old Gregg, yes! I’m so excited someone brought that up.

Was that—

No, no, no. That’s just coincidental, but I fucking love Old Gregg so much! Yes!

It looks like Old Gregg’s dance party. Oh my god, that’s perfect.

You can fucking use that for sure. It wasn’t intentional, but it definitely just happened.

Have you been able to see any other shows this season?

No. I kind of get in and out of here during this time because it’s just hectic and it’s cold.

Have you done anything fun while you’ve been in New York?

No—well, no, I went to Pies-n-Thighs this morning.

Check out our epic GIF from the show here

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