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Best of Beauty: The Adam Selman Girl DGAF

Everyone wants to look like the Adam Selman girl—she’s audacious, coquettish, and kind of bratty. She is, for all intents and purposes, Rihanna—and always a source of beauty inspiration. The cool thing about the makeup at Adam Selman’s shows is that it’s not entirely unattainable, like some bejeweled faces I’ve encountered (ahem, Givenchy).

In the past, the Adam Selman girl has sported amazing faux freckles, and just a generally enviable dewy thing. The crux of the beauty look for today’s show was the eyeliner. Heavy and unchecked, it was meant to evoke a “fuck you” attitude, according to Emi Kaneko, the makeup artist—what a girl might look like after hours of partying and countless trips to the bathroom, each time a little more tipsy and each time reapplying her eyeliner with a little less reserve.

After 16 hours of work, watching one model get her face massaged felt akin to looking directly into an eclipse—irreversibly soul-damaging. But from what I was able to endure, it was clear that these face massages were critical to the natural, glow-y skin—or at least that’s my highly unprofessional takeaway.  I caught up with Emi backstage while she was doing some finishing touch-ups for the professional scoop on the Adam Selman Fall/Winter ’16 beauty look.

Amy Winehouse would be proud.

So, what’s the idea behind the makeup look?

It’s basically a tough black eyeliner. And to balance it off we have a bit of a rosy cheek, and a little stain, like a little bit of color on the lips.

Did you take inspiration from anywhere in particular? 

No, I mean we just thought about the Adam Selman girl, who she is. Basically, she’s kind of more of a tomboy girl versus, like, the glamorous girl.

Is there any way you’re using the makeup to compliment the clothes?

Yes. So we didn’t want to go—there’s a lot of lace, velvet—we didn’t want to go too goth, per se, cause we can really go there, but we still wanted an element of, like, a tougher girl. Because the hair is a bit more loose and wavy, we wanted to balance that off with a tougher eyeliner. So it’s really just like something a young, cool girl might just do on the go. Kind of like this imperfect eyeliner, a little messy and not too perfect.

So, is eyeliner sort of the main?

Yes, definitely. It’s definitely all about the eyes, and really gorgeous skin.

And what products are you using?

I’m using all Mac. We’re using an eyeliner pencil called “Feline”—it’s their blackest black pencil. And we’re using a cream blush in “Something Special.” Because all the girls are special. But yeah, we’re just kind of doing this “fuck you” eyeliner, where it’s a little bit messy, tough girl, just really in there. All the way into the innermost corner.

It looks great.


All images taken exclusively for Milk by Koury Angelo.

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