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Adam Selman's Show Was Like Gossip Girl Meets Hot Topic

Backstage at Adam Selman at MADE Fashion Week, the show’s thesis was posted on the wall (very Martin Luther). “Suspense. Murder mystery. You might be running from the law. You look hot. No wimps.” That might be the perfect fashion week motto. Murder slow walkers. Try to look hot, even whilst smoking cancer sticks and guzzling coffee. And no matter what, don’t be a wimp.

But beyond providing us with a new mantra, Selman’s show was delightful, delicious fun. It was a perfect continuation of last season, like if the same girl snuck out late at night to conduct a séance. Colors leaned towards black, red, navy, and silver, all interspersed with layers of fluffy sheer fabric. Silhouettes were slinky, but brought down to Earth with black chucks. A luxe velvet pajama suit was perfect for a wild night out or a sexy night in, and we lived for the silver lurex lining inside the slit of a girly dress. A shiny red and black slip screamed Lydia Deetz-goes-to-the-club, while the model wearing a jacket made entirely of a confetti-like material served as the human embodiment of a disco ball. But the overall standout look was a black, ruffled, completely sheer gown. We wish all nipples were goth nipples.

The clothes were a stellar combination of goth and flirty, if Blair Waldorf decided to shop at Hot Topic (it ruled). Stars and cool kids lined the room, including Charli XCX, Amy Sedaris, Natasha Lyonne and her OINTB co-star Jackie Cruz, Joey Bada$$, Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Hari Nef, Sophia Lamar, Harley Viera-Newton, Mia Moretti, Jeanette Hayes, and Selman’s longtime boyfriend, star stylist Mel Ottenberg. Giorgio Moroder’s dark shimmery disco music provided just the right vibes for the collection. To sum up: we loved it.

We caught up with Selman after the show. Read on to get his take on the collection.

Are you going to get drunk now?

No, I’m actually gonna go back and work. Which is really depressing, but that’s the truth. But I have a bottle of champagne in the studio, so maybe we’ll pop that open. But on to sales, you know?

Well, good for you. The show was so great. Can you tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind it?

It was a sort of general theme of murder in the night. It was all sort of about Making a Murderer and The Line. And just as we as a society fantasize murder and sensationalize it. So that was like the big splashes of red, and these big pow pieces. So that was sort of the general idea behind that.

That’s so cool. Do you like true crime? Do you watch murder shows?

I’m obsessed, I could talk to you all day. That’s all that I read.

That’s all that I do.

Oh yeah, I will go in.

Have you been watching The People vs. OJ Simpson?

We started it, but I wanna marathon it. I feel like it’s more of a marathoner. But I’ll definitely watch that. Did you watch The Staircase? 

Yes! The best.

The best. Actually the best. So then I went back and watched that, and The Line, andThe People Who Eat Darkness. I don’t know if you know the cover of The People Who Eat Darkness, but it’s like red and black. So I don’t know, it all sort of plays into each other I think.

No, it’s really cool. It seems like a continuation of last season, but darker.

See? You got it. Last time was so focused on daytime, that I wanted this one to be a little more focused on night time.

And speaking of night time, the most fabulous thing ever was that see-through gown. I was talking to your assistants, and it seemed like it came together really quickly. 

Yeah. All the special pieces, we were up until, like, seven this morning sewing all the ribbon on. That’s when all the magic happens, and that’s when we really pull it together. Maybe I’ll be one of those designers eventually that gets to take a day off after the show. But right now, it’s never finished until it’s finished.

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