All that's missing is a cocktail and sultry stranger ready to sweep you off your feet—and into the bedroom.



Runway Rundown: AREA Gets Scrambled

As the first day of MADE Fashion Week came to a close, AREA’s sultry new collection brought some heat to a bitter cold night as jewels and understated patterning mixed with a Groundhog’s Day-style presentation. 

The Look That Gave Us Life…

The Canadian tuxedo that took a lap of luxury through a furrier. Metallic denim on metallic denim brought a touch of sophistication, along with an unforgettable fox fur lining that made us want to drink a whiskey on the rocks.

The Song Pick We Had to Shazam…

Over the course of an hour, a track stretched endlessly into oblivion. It was equal parts softcore porn soundtrack and elevator music. It was perfect for getting stuck for hours with a handsome stranger.

Adding to Our Shopping List…

That unforgettable holographic fuchsia ensemble. If we’re going to go for bold, we want to drape ourselves in a look that makes us feel like we’re at the prom in 1985 while fucked up on acid.

We Spied…

A major pair of hooker boots that your grandma bedazzled for your birthday. These slick black knee-highs with Swarovski crystals are the perfect accessory when you kick your man to the curb and hit the town.

The Takeaway…

Piotrek Panszczyk & Beckett Fogg’s foray into the feminine mystique brought a new layer of glitz to AREA’s penchant for after-hours glam. A runway show stuck on repeat with the music to match made this feel like the intro to the classiest porno you’ve ever seen.

Gif art by Kathryn Chadason. 

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