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Edwardian Elegance At Brock Collection

Brock Collection always has a real air of elegance to it, and their Fall/Winter ’16 collection was no exception. The show had a pleasant, soothing vibe, making it a lovely and relaxing way to kick off MADE fashion week. The clothes were beautifully made, seemingly reminiscent of both the early 20th and late 18th centuries. A fur stole draped across a model’s shoulders recalled the most glamorous of 1930s starlets, and pink and gold brocades were perfect for a Marie Antoinette-era French chateau (one where no one gets their heads chopped off). Velvet dresses were lush and languid, complete with figure-flattering deep-V necklines, while others had a stiff structure, almost like modern panniers. Our favorite look? A snow white fur coat, with a texture that resembled a pile of marshmallows.

While the Brock Collection designers, Laura Vassar and Kris Brock, are residents of Newport, California, and the show’s soundtrack included a song by Dirty Gold called “California Sunrise,” this collection seemed much less connected to the Golden State than that of previous seasons. Much of the clothing was more suited to a ride in a Model-T on a foggy evening in a cold locale. But like their Spring/Summer ’16 showing, the elegance was leveled out with a pair of high-waisted jeans that could’ve easily been part of Parker Posey’s uniform in Dazed and Confused. No hazing, though; these clothes are way too beautiful to get scruffed up in the back of Wooderson’s car.

We caught up with Vassar and Brock after the show to get their take on the collection—and to check in on their baby, who was by far one of the cutest cherubs we’ve ever seen. With glasses of champagne in hand, they had entered full relaxation mode. We hope there was more bubbly to come.


How are you guys enjoying your champagne, first of all?

KB: It’s actually really nice.

Much needed, I would imagine.

LV: I wasn’t expecting that, but it was really lovely.

So how are you feeling about everything now that it’s done? 

LV: Very happy. We spent a lot of time, dedication, blood, sweat and tears on this collection, and we’re really happy with the result.

That’s so awesome; it was absolutely beautiful. What was the idea or the inspiration behind the collection?

LV: Well it really did start with this kind of Victorian, Edwardian inspiration. And a lot of parts of that fell out. I don’t know—we like to start with one inspiration and see how it works in an organic way, but not use it entirely. So the corset was inspired by the Edwardian, and the cuff sleeve detail. And also, it started with the development of our fabrics.

Was that a brocade that I saw in there?

KB: I think there might have been one of everything.

LV: There were taffetas, there was a variation of all different fabrics and different depths. It was about the dimension of all of them together.

Are you guys still based in California? ‘Cause this seemed less California to me.

LV: Yes. That’s interesting, yeah.

KB: We’ve been here the last two months straight. We always sketch and develop the collections in California, but we spend a lot of time out here. We’re kinda split, but we officially live in California.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? To be bicoastal?

LV: Yes it is. I think, in terms of what you’re saying, it felt less kind of California. I think that the feeling for this collection was a more feminine way of dress, and an easier way.

Before I let you go, I have to ask—how is your baby?

LV: He’s good! I can’t talk about it without crying ’cause I miss him so much. He’s good. I need to go see him right now.

KB: He’s walking now, so that’s really cool.

Wow! That’s so exciting. He was by far my favorite celeb that I saw last fashion week. 

LV: Yeah, it’s fun. He was gonna come this time, but he was sleeping. My mom said he and the nanny were both, like, passed out. Everyone’s exhausted from this fashion week. But we’re happy.

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