The cold weather never looked so good.



Best of Beauty: The CG Girl Will Make You Want To Get Frostbitten

The CG Fall/Winter ’16 collection, which showed today with MADE Fashion Week, was not designed for the lazy. It’s a look for busy, swift-paced women. Running with that theme, makeup artist Romero Jennings gave the girls a natural, flushed look—as if they just took refuge inside some bougie, fireplace-lit hotel lobby after running copious errands in cold, windy weather. I love a good weather-inspired makeup look, so I hopped backstage to talk to Romero about his process.

At least the cold weather agrees with some people’s skin!

So what’s the look you’re going for today? 

Chris was saying that the collection has that ’40s, ’50s feel. It’s really feminine as far as the shapes. That’s his goal, really, but then there’s the structure. There’s always construction and really beautiful textiles, so I thought of all of that to keep the makeup super simple. This look is really reality makeup that any girl can wear. The models are going to walk out here and you’re not really going to know what she’s wearing. It really is about beautiful, dewy skin, brushed up clean brows, curl lashes with a little bit of mascara just at the base, this new dusty rose blush, and a lipstick that reflects that sort of just-bitten lips and fresh, fresh winter skin. This is what we’re rocking today.

What products are you using?

The most important one is this one here—this highlight. It’s a new pinwheel from Mac that comes in four different colors. Basically, because the lighting here is a little bit on the gold side, I’m using the one that’s more red. Nothing that is yellow is on the skin. Everything is sort of dusty rose, pinky fresh—looking like just kind of pulled at the skin. They way you look right now. Just exactly like that. You could totally walk through the show. I feel like I wanted to make real women skin and something achievable that a woman can do every day. It looks like you did exactly thing today.

These cheekbones are giving me a (cheek)bone(r).

Thanks! So essentially you could just stand outside for like 10 minutes to get this look?

It’s perfect timing and I think it works great with these clothes because the makeup is timeless. I feel like it reflects the clothes and [Chris’] personality.

Do you have any makeup secrets or beauty secrets? 

The most important for today is [the] curled lashes. But I used the extended play mascara because that one almost acts like hairspray where it keeps the curl. I curl with the big regular lash curler first, and then I use the outlash curler to really pump the lashes up. This way you don’t have to add as much mascara if you curl up. That would be my beauty secret.

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