Chris Gelinas' namesake label is all about the details.



Runway Rundown: CG Gets Scrambled

For his namesake label CG, Chris Gelinas really showcases his design skills. In short, these aren’t garments that any old newb could recreate. This morning, Chris showed his Fall/Winter ’16 collection at MADE Fashion Week; the clothes were teeming with subtle, singular details, and were an imposing feat.

The Look Lowdown…

These are clothes that look best in motion–the type of breezy, paneled dresses that look best when you’re running late. The most impressive design details were on the back, only visible once the model turned on her heel. An ideal collection for a dramatic breakup.

We Couldn’t Believe When…

The runway turned into a presentation. After the final walk, instead of the models filing out as usual, they lined up in formation down the center of the runway.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

The collar details on the back of dresses were endearing, but it was the tracksuit inspired suit—cropped, snug-fitting trousers with a sleek white stripe down the side paired with an equally snug blazer with a bit of white piping on the collar—that left our mouths agape.

Adding to Our Shopping List…

The flat moon boots in silver, which happened to offset the girly silhouettes. Oh and the long gloves. We can’t forget the elbow-length gloves.

We Can’t Wait to Wear This…

While frolicking—anywhere, really, but ideally in some sort of apple field that’s entirely devoid of ticks and birds.

GIF art made by Kathryn Chadason.

Check out our CG recap. 

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