Genderfluid alien life forms with a taste for glass shards detected.



Runway Rundown: Collina Strada Gets Scrambled

A marble moonscape invaded MADE Fashion Week and crash landed inside of The Standard, High Line today for Collina Strada’s FW16 collection. With shards of glass crunching underfoot, an eclectic cast of models became the star children to designer Hillary Taymour’s astrological and androgynous new world.

The Surreal Soundtrack…

After years of transmitting messages into the galaxy, the distorted audio playing throughout the presentation – courtesy of Cara Stricker – felt like a long lost intergalactic reply. As glitchy as a Marco Rubio speech and as indecipherable as the plot of Prometheus, these alien jams were ready to beam us up.

We Can’t Wait to Wear This…

The navy blue jacket that had us salivating for a bag of jet puffed jumbo marshmallows. With that on, we’d be ready to take on the arctic wind chill whipping through the streets and bounce harmlessly off any homicidal bike messengers that cross our path.

It’s in the Details…

The crumbles of glass that littered the ground were also the go-to snack for at least one of the space kids. With a shard in hand, they bit and chewed it like a high fashion guest on My Strange Addiction sharing their love for ceramic snack time.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

The all-black ensemble with a throwback to last season’s raw edges with an intergalactic twist was punctuated by a bag of fresh air. We’re ready to sip on it next time we take the L train during rush hour. With translucent face goo and a delicate black choker, this is the outfit we need to complete our intergalactic health goth look.

The Takeaway…

Taking last season’s alien vibes to another level and adding an air of gender fluidity, the collection evolved in construction and detailing. Between intergalactic alien broadcasts and space rocks, it was an otherworldly experience that felt like first contact with a beautiful and futuristic alien species.

Gif art by Kathryn Chadason. 

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