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The Dion Lee Girl Is a Lot Tougher Than You Might Think

Bright fluorescent lights lined the runway at Dion Lee, forcing the crowd draped in their best furs to wipe the sleep from their eyes as fashion week entered its third day. The Australian designer has become a beloved staple of MADE Fashion Week for his wildly creative and expertly tailored collections, and this season he demonstrated a razor sharp focus, opting for a hard-edged show tinged with dystopian vibes.

Braving the cold to take in the collection were several of Lee’s devotees, including fashion critics Suzy Menkes and Robin Givhan Empire actress and model Serayah McNeill, and model (and fellow Aussie) Jessica Hart. When the show began, the influence of German kinetic artist Otto Piene was immediately clear. Lee’s collection made us want to throw on one of the standout bomber jackets with merino shearling trim, slide into our heeled booties, and strut over to our front door to meet the delivery man with our Seamless order. Lee’s masterful constructions brought an edge to crystal pleats and sequin dresses that would make Romy and Michele shed a tear. Dressed in Dion Lee, you don’t need to be the inventor of Post-its to be a badass. The collection showed a different side of Lee than we’ve seen in seasons past—sharper, bolder, and more self-assured. 

How does it feel to be done?

Good. It feels really good. I’m ready to chill out.

What are you going to do to relax?

I don’t know. I’ve got a little bit of work to do this afternoon. I’ll definitely be having a drink and hanging out with some friends if I can survive the cold.

The weather is pretty terrible today. I wanted to ask about that bullring detail you did on a lot of the garments. What inspired that?

I think it was just a motif that started with Otto, who was one of the artists we were referencing for the collection. It was a motif he used within his work. It was something that came through from the circular draped elements into the jewelry. It was a combination of things that felt utilitarian and decorative.

I love the bomber jackets that you had too. Those were sick! What was with the fluorescent lighting? Is that just to wake people up after a long night of partying?

[Laughs] Yeah it was just more about… I like the idea of not just lighting the runway but lighting the room. It felt a little bit more immersive. People weren’t kind of detached from the runway. They were caught up in it.

You had some people from Empire come out. Do you watch the show a lot?

I have watched it actually.

I haven’t watched it, but who’s your favorite character on there?

I couldn’t say. It’s hard to go past Cookie.

That’d be awesome if she walked in the show. That’d be crazy.


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