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Ji Oh Makes Us Want To Dress Like a Sporty Bumblebee

The Korean-born designer Ji Oh may only be two years into NYFW scene, but she’s already given us a bumblebee striped wool turtleneck that most designers would take years and a few pounds of magic mushrooms to dream up. Gone are the construction worker sets and denim details from a season ago. For her MADE Fashion Week presentation, Ji Oh’s city girl has stepped away from the street and slunked back to a decrepit apartment hallway fit for the “bargain” section of your realtor’s catalogue. Cracked and raw, the concept for this season’s set was a new direction for the designer’s evolving love affair with city girls. For her Fall/Winter ’16  collection, Ji Oh has embraced superfluffed mohair and plunging sweaters for a compartmentalized—no, apartmentalized—approach to diverse womenswear.

As the models exited and reentered the fractured doorways, a muted color spectrum punctuated with sunshine yellow and dusted lavender created a motif of strength against the set. “I wanted to show that they have this bright energy and luminous attitude towards these old, raw materials, which represents the tough life,” Ji Oh explained afterward. “It’s about the contrast in how strong these girls are against what’s going on in life.” Like any apartment in the city, the tenants seemed to come from all walks of life. Some arrived in sweaters rife with plunging necklines and sleeves literally dragging on the ground behind them while others rocked tailor cut tops with fur breast detailing. Despite the wildly varying cuts, colors, and fabrics, Ji Oh’s commitment to chic city girls created a luminous energy that could light up even the most ramshackle hallway.

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