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Namilia's Vibrator Dance Party Was Ready for a Backroom Blowjob

When you make headlines for a collection covered in dicks and sprinkled with emoji and My Little Pony accessories, the only choice is to go bigger (and girthier), or go home. This was the challenge facing VFiles design duo Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl as they prepared their brand Namilia‘s Fall/Winter ’16 presentation—and they didn’t disappoint. Continuing their mission to “proclaim a new understanding of what it means to be a girl in the 21st century,” they chopped out the phallic inspiration and came to MADE Fashion Week packing an overwhelming sense of feminine sexual energy. And thanks in part to the sex toys handed out at the start of the show, that sexual energy vibrated through the entire collection. The last time we were offered free vibrators it was on Craigslist—and they were used.

There wasn’t a stiff body in sight as a playlist of the hottest hits we need for our next pregame party blasted and models danced their life away in the hottest presentation of the season. The brand swapped last season’s inflatables and celebrity inspirations for a collection grouped by sexual fantasy. Sheer paneling overlaid with glitter graphics, slick spandex jumpsuits, billowing nightgowns, and sultry ski masks made for an eclectic mix of silhouettes ready for a night of hard drinking and harder sex. BDSM bad bitch gangs and mermaid athleisure coexisted alongside ’80s animal print workout thots and NASCAR groupies for a spectacle that looked like the categories page on a sensual porn site come to life. Our favorite, though, was the high school nurse’s office smut film in the making that featured bracefaced garments scrawled with “orgasm clinic.” Besides being the new choice quote for our Tinder bio, it encapsulated the resounding and unapologetic ode to pussy power that left us eager to see what the VFiles-winning designer would come up with next.

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