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Step Into Sandy Liang's Cozy Living Room

It’s currently 14 degrees outside in New York City. Leaving the house was a struggle. As I stumbled out of my warm apartment, hungover from cheap flavored vodka (open bars are a devil’s trick), all I wanted was to snuggle inside, preferably with a number of fur blankets and a pile of carbs.

But then I went to Sandy Liang’s Fall/Winter ‘16 presentation at MADE Fashion Week. And now, despite the cold, I think I’ll feel warm for the rest of the day. The whole show felt like a hug from a good girlfriend, with clothes that could be worn anywhere; they’re perfect for an Upper East Side lunch, yet cool enough for any underground party. They’re the kind of clothes women will want to wear, flattering with just enough of an edge.

Liang is the queen of coats, and these ones were particularly adorable—our favorites were shiny black motorcycle jackets with pink and blue fur accents. There were more separates than previous seasons; tweed was prominently featured, with Liang using your grandmother’s favorite fabric to create fresh silhouettes. Another highlight was a full-length dress with blue and white ticking stripes; it had long sleeves and a prim collar, but it was elevated with a ruffled slit and an open, laced up sleeve. The set decoration also added to the presentation’s cuddly quality. Fabiana Faria and Helena Barquet of Chinatown boutique Coming Soon created a beautiful, 1970s-style living room set, complete with flowers from Brrch Floral. We could have stayed forever.

Before we sadly had to return to work, we caught up with Liang to get her take on the collection.

Are you so stoked that it’s freezing outside?

Yes, it’s perfect. Everyone’s here and it’s warm and it’s cozy, and the whole scene is just like a cozy living room.

Totally. I was thinking it was perfect because you make the best coats, and everyone will want to buy one now cause it’s so cold out. 

Thank you, yeah. Yeah, I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

I love the art direction. I know Coming Soon did it.

Yes, I love the girls from Coming Soon. They helped me prepare the set, and then Brrch Florals did the flowers, and it’s so good.

So what was the thought behind it? Cozy living room?

Cozy living room, English countryside, and really old Range Rovers.

And then what was the inspiration behind the collection?

Same deal. We were thinking of being outdoors, and we sort of looked at images of the English countryside, and also I love old Range Rovers. I think they’re so cool because they’re not really meant to be pretty, yet people think of think of them as this really regal thing.

What, to you, makes the best winter coat for a day like today? 

Anything that keeps you warm and makes you happy. Like when you look at your reflection in the mirror and you smile, that’s great. Especially on a gloomy, gloomy cold day. But it’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m actually really happy!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

All my Galentines are here spending it with me. I’m so happy about that.

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