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1/29 — Photo by Koury Angelo.



Telfar is Your New Comfort-Core King

When we stopped by the nondescript studio in Chinatown housing the new Telfar collection last week, we got a forewarning that Telfar Clemens’ return to MADE Fashion Week would bring comfort-core to the masses.  The Telfar army from last season disbanded and the designer sent the troops back to their cubicles in style. “Transposing office wear and workwear is what I’m focused on, he explained. “It’s for the kind of person who goes to the office, but they’re wearing sweatpants.” Any excuse to bring some sweatpant chic to the trenches of fashion was enough for us and, ever since, we’ve been waiting to see the garments move from the racks to the runway.

As the final models marched down the runway, the designer’s new direction was realized. In the months since the last collection, Telfar ditched the fatigues, had their usual pit stop at White Castle, and settled into the La-Z-Boy for burgers and chill. Combining triple stitched fabrics, cable knits made of t-shirts, and denim treated and coated to mimic sleek leather, the wardrobe was a raw-edged evolution from last year’s tailor-cut stitching. Telfar’s Fall/Winter ’16 garments—the Tricolor collection—were a uniform of brown, black, and white, forming the flag that guided the brand. As a diverse array of models marched in the most comfortable clothes they’ll wear all season, Fatima Al Qadiri‘s booming voice announced the garments that made the outfits—down to the leg warmers. It was an assembly line ready for the comfort-core revolution.

How are you feeling now that it’s all over?


You ready to party tonight?

I am, I am.

So, I hear the White Castle party’s gonna be two floors this time?

Yeah, there’s an upstairs and a basement so—

Oh shit. I can actually go this year. Tell me about the music, though. When we last talked, it was still being finalized.

Yeah! Fatima narrated the whole show. Basically, we prestyled the whole show and she composed a brand new backing track that’s gonna be on our new album that we’re gonna release next season.

What are you planning to do to celebrate, other than tonight?

Well, White Castle! But other than that, sleep. Rest and relaxation. Drinking and going back to, you know, waking up late. That’s how I’m celebrating. And then, back to work—I’m starting a new collection Saturday.

So no time for Netflix, no nothing.

I have a day for Netflix. One or two days.

What’s the show to watch?

Well, I watch any housewives. Housewives anything.

I need to watch those shows. You brought the whole family here today?

Yeah, this is my dad and my mom’s thirty sixth anniversary today. They’re going to the party.

What’s the drink of choice tonight?

Umm…everything. I’m gonna drink like every single drink. I’m gonna have like twenty six drinks. I’m gonna start with champagne and then move on to vodka, and then move on to tequila…

Ready for more Telfar, check the scramble

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