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Runway Rundown: 69 Gets Scrambled

69 is universal. The clothes are genderless, and a number of pieces are enormously oversized, allowing anyone of any size to wear all of them. This season, 69 stuck to their trademark minimalism, along with a genius setup: their presentation was set up on a seamless, photo shoot style, allowing photographers and plebeians to get the perfect photos–and giving 69 a free lookbook. Models were told to wear every single look, so they just changed right there in front of the audience, staying anonymous underneath fringed denim masks (they definitely lived out our worst middle school nightmares, but they seemed ok with it). The presentation at MADE Fashion Week evoked a real feeling of freedom, while also reminding us of a bunch of komondors frolicking. Solid combo.

Dance, Dance, Revolution…

Models were solely instructed to wear every look, but they really went wild. They danced, they made out, they smacked each others’ asses, they fell over. We loved that even though their faces were covered, they all maintained distinct individual identities. Shout out to the model who managed to get their glasses on over the mask. That’s some real dexterity.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

We loved jackets covered in thin interwoven loops of denim. They looked like the underside of a ponytail after working out, in only the best way, or a tangle of headphones. It also seemed reminiscent of the dog below. God, 69 is the best.

We Spied…

Dev Hynes, who kind of looks like the perfect 69 spokesperson. There was also a small child pushing a rock around with a broom. Should 69 choose to continue in the child labor direction, we think that all of the pants would work for Oliver Twist and co.

It’s In The Details…

69 has embraced red! Very patriotic.

Adding To Our Shopping Lists…

Pretty much everything. 69 makes you feel comfortable and confident; there’s no worries that something might not fit or look good. It’s for everyone—unlike the sex position.

For more 69, stay tuned for our runway recap.

Gif art by Kathryn Chadason

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