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Susanne Bartsch, An OITNB Star and More of Our Fav Faces at MADE FW

A wave of euphoria just swept through the heart of Chelsea as MADE Fashion Week drew to a close with the reliably rowdy runway show for The Blonds. We sent our Southern Red Snapper, Andrew Boyle, out into the labyrinth of runways and backstage chaos to grab the best shots before we took our post-fashion week shots. Check out the final photo gallery above for the coolest kids this side of the Hudson, including nightlife royalty Susan Bartsch, OITNB star Vicky Jeudy, and Bond Hardware founder (and the creator of The Blonds’ runway jewelry) Dana Hurwitz. As he puts the lens cap back on his shutter, we say goodbye to another colorful cast of fashion week characters.

Ready for more of Andrew’s favorite MADE Fashion Week faces? You can check out part one, two, three, and four.

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