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The Beaufille Girl Dresses Like A Screen Siren Slash Sith Lord

Beaufille, which translates to “handsome girl,” delivered clothes that a lot of women, handsome and non-handsome alike, would love to wear. Canadian sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon turned it out for their MADE Fashion Week debut, delivering a collection of polished separates that seemed super flattering, while still retaining an edge. The sisters may be from the Great White North, but they showed on an uncharacteristically warm February day, and the air of their presentation itself felt toasty and snug. The silhouettes were a mix of everything we want to wear right now: they were slouchy, falling off of shoulders, while still maintaining cinched waists. They would actually look good on an actual person. We want.

We were also living for the various skirts and jackets done in oxblood, a much better rendering of the color than Pantone’s weird tampon-like Marsala. A highlight from the show was a black coatdress, done completely off the shoulder, the waist squeezed in with a wide bet. It seemed very Sophia Loren meets Kylo Ren, which is exactly how we want to dress forever. The whole collection read polished ease; clothes you could wear from work to drinks to dancing without a second thought. 

Can you tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind the collection?

CG: So Beaufille means “handsome girl.” Everything is kind of two opposing elements being brought together. Masculine, feminine. Hard, soft. Romantic, edgy. And we really just think about that and the branding when designing a collection. We don’t really sit there and find inspiration, we kind of figure it out as we go. It’s really free and just focuses on involving the brand, and establishing the core silhouettes and hammering in what girls are wearing.

You guys are based in Toronto, so no plans to move here anytime soon?

CG: Not anytime soon. It’s awesome getting to travel twice a year to NYC and Paris. Our business is based in Toronto now but who know what the future holds.

What’s the Toronto fashion scene like? I feel like I don’t know that much about it.

CG: It’s definitely evolving. It’s definitely the biggest fashion scene in Canada. There’s a bunch of designers, but obviously there’s a lot more things going on and access to venues and media in NYC.

I was asking because all the coolest people I work with are from Toronto. They’re always the friendliest, most fun.

PG: That’s amazing! A lot of people migrate here.

I love the oxblood-colored. Is that a patent leather?

PG: That’s actually a boiled leather that’s coated in polyurethane. So you’re not actually getting leather, but you’re getting this amazing modeled look. I finds that it looks vintage too, which I love. It looks worn.

For more Beaufille, check out our runway rundown.

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