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MADE FW Blasts Off With DJ Hitchhiker

Last night, the Milk Jam Room hosted a sexy, sweaty, beautiful mess of a party. DJ Siobhan Bell started things off with a fantastic mix of early-2000s pop — we believe that every single party should begin with Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” so thank you, Ms. Bell. As the Ciroc flowed, a crazy cool mix of guests poured in. Along with our illustrious MADE Fashion Week founders Jenne Lombardo, Mazdack Rassi, and Keith Baptista, the revelers included rapper/nightlife host Chapman, and models like Hari Nef, Ashley Smith, and the couple John Tuite and Carlos Santollala, aka @Jarlos420Paper Magazine’s iconic Editorial Director Mickey Boardman was in attendance — when our Social Media Manager asked if she could take his photo, he quipped, “I’d be embarrassed if you didn’t ask!”

But the star of the show was Hitchhiker. As a K-Pop producer, Hitchhiker is a huge hitmaker in South Korea. He garnered major notices for his solo career last year, when his music video “Eleven,” which depicts a vivid, half-animated world soundtracked by baby noises, went viral.

His set was lit. Hitchhiker blasted heart-pounding EDM, and the crowd went wild, turning the whole Jam Room into a massive dance party. The neon lights reflected off of his trademark silver hazmat suit, creating a blinding, beautiful effect. Hot guys took their shirts off, drinks were spilled, and asses were taken to the floor. Zac Efron’s DJ movie may have had one of the worst opening weekends in history, but talents like Hitchhiker prove that dance music is alive and well.

Hitchhiker doesn’t speak. But we caught up with his manager, Oliver Luckett, to get the low down on the mysterious musician. Luckett described Hitchhiker as “a satellite who was sent into space several decades ago to listen to our sounds, and now he plays them back to us.” Cue several obvious Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy jokes. “He’s been listening to our sounds for a long time,” said Luckett. “The sounds of humanity.”

We asked why Hitchhiker came down from space. “He got lonely,” said Luckett. “He wants to meet people. He wants to reincoporate himself.” We think he definitely got the job done. Whatever he may be, Hitchhiker really gets a party going. We’re not exactly sure how he got here, but we certainly appreciate the visit.

Photos by Erez Avissar

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