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threeASFOUR Staged a Wicked Game of Musical Chairs

The design trio threeASFOUR may take their work seriously, but at tonight’s Fall/Winter ’16 fashion show at MADE Fashion Week, they were in a decidedly more playful mood. Instead of staging a standard fashion show, they opted for a game of musical chairs, controlled by the “Lord of the Missing Chair,” an interpretive dancer who took the models as her victims, one by one. She moved through the show like a cobra, ready to attack.

The collection wove together varied textures and fabrics—all in black—from leather and silk to velvet and wool, creating three dimensional forms that the label has become known for. Some of the textiles were created using 3D printing techniques, bridging the gap between fashion and technology, which was a central theme of the collection. Several of the leather pieces felt reminiscent of honeycomb, and one particularly striking dress looked like black lava being manipulated by the wind—it’s a look befitting a witch, casting a dark spell against those who’ve wronged her.

We caught up with the three designers, Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil, after the show, to get inside their minds and creative process.

What were you trying to communicate with this collection?

This season was all about exploring the geometries and symmetries of nature, and applying them to body and to human forms. Humans are so intertwined with technology now, we’re practically technological humans, so we wanted to get back to nature. And apply nature to life.

What was the inspiration for the show?

Well we wanted it to be a lot less serious than the collection. It’s a game—life is a game, you know. You have to take some risks. And musical chairs is so universal, it’s something everyone knows.

Yeah that’s definitely true.

Even with us, we’re all from different places, but it’s a game that everyone knows. It crosses language barriers.

I never realized it was so widely known. And how are you going to celebrate?

We are celebrating now—seeing friends and family. It was wonderful to have so much support.

Check out our epic GIF from the show here. 

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