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Runway Rundown: Gypsy Sport Gets Scrambled

Gypsy Sport made a triumphant return this season for MADE Fashion Week, following a success less than two weeks ago at NYFWM (although considering the label defines itself as completely genderless, the distinction seems to be a moot point). They’re no longer the rebellious upstarts they once were; the label won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in a three way tie, and they’ve become a staple of the fashion calendar. But just because they’re more established doesn’t mean that they’re any less lively. The Fall/Winter ’16 show was full of joy, giving us energy to get over the last hump of Fashion Week. Don’t forget your double baseball cap.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

A low-cut white crop top paired with low-slung white pants was simultaneously very now and very early Paris Hilton. The early 2000s are officially back, and we’re all in.

It’s In The Details…

We love Gypsy Sport’s signature patchworking, rendered here in denim and various browns that looked like a range of human skin tones. We were also all in for the oversized sleeves that ate up models’ hands, and electric blue eyeliner that really popped.

Dance Dance Revolution…

While this show didn’t feature Gypsy Sport’s famous voguing, that didn’t stop the models from getting down. For the finale, they all danced wildly, bobbing their heads and flailing their arms in a way that kind of recalled Taylor Swift at an awards show. We loved that they were down for goofy fun.

We Can’t Wait To Wear This…

All of the deep taupes and browns make these clothes into solid camouflage. Could there be a nightclub somewhere called Warfare?

Baby On Board…

Last season, Gypsy Sport featured a heavily pregnant model. She returned for Fall/Winter ‘16, closing the show with the baby in her arms. It was pretty amazing, supplying a fantastic narrative. But we were kind of concerned for the lil’ thing’s ears. We hope the infant had some tiny earplugs?

For more Gypsy Sport, check out our runway recap.

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