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Runway Rundown: Ji Oh Gets Scrambled

It was Ji Oh’s first presentation at MADE Fashion Week, and we think the designer nailed it. She stuck to her classic aesthetic (well, somewhat classic—she did only debut in 2014), featuring oversized silhouettes that still manage to be delicate. The Fall/Winter ’16 collection had a sort of simplified, feminine whiff of Yohji Yamamoto about it. We’re into it.

Adding To Our Shopping List…

A winter coat that fulfills all of our polar vortex fantasies. It was fuzzy. It was huge enough to cover the biggest of food babies. We wanted to crawl inside it like a Tauntaun.

It’s In The Details…

The jewelry by Karen Kaiser Studio was minimalist, yet industrial. It kind of looked like if a very stylish lady got bored in an office and made a necklace out of paper clips. This actually happened on Ugly Betty. Inspiration?

Songs We Had To Shazam…

The music, made specifically for the show, could aptly be described as “fashion elevator music,” a soundtrack that would be perfect for a trip to a fancy party in a remote part of Iceland. Cold.

We Can’t Wait To Wear This…

These clothes would look right at home on a powerful editor taking a lunch break at Dimes. They’re minimal and relaxed, yet still extremely pulled together. They’re like health food with a side of bacon: good for you, but still fun enough to feel like a treat.

Ready, Set, Go…

The set was a focal point of the presentation. Models walked in and out of fully functional doors against a pale mint-colored wall. Much of the collection involved a black and yellow color palette, and the effect was like bees flying in and out of a hive.

 For more on Ji Oh, check out our runway recap.

Gif art by Kathryn Chadason

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