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Gentleman May Prefer Blondes, But Everyone Prefers The Blonds

MADE Fashion Week concludes not with a whimper, but with a major bang. The frenetic energy of The Blonds pumped us all up from fashion fatigue, ending the week with a burst of sequins and glamour. We love The Blonds because they’re pure fun, filling a campy hole in New York that Heatherette left behind. Richie Rich, where are you?!

As per usual, the show opened with designer Phillipe Blond, stunting in a killer pink leather corset. The crowd whooped with delight; guests, including Amanda Lepore, Gia Genevieve, Perez HiltonSusanne Bartsch, Miss Jay and Jay Manuel were there to have an unapologetically good time. Rocking pink and blonde dreaded wigs that were slightly reminiscent of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, models stormed the runway decked out in sequins and gorgeous sparkly mini-veils. The soundtrack was loud and powerful, with tunes like “Material Girl” and Grimes’s “Vanessa” bumping through the room. We learned about a thousand years ago that “girly” doesn’t have to imply “weak,” but it’s always nice to be reminded.

The clothes were as over the top as always, providing perfect options for a red carpet or any touring pop star. Highlights included a hugely fluffy pink dress that reminded us of sea anemones, a sparkling pink corset with fur accents, and a showstopping red velvet bustier that was straight out of Moulin Rouge. We were also living for a skin tight black and pink striped catsuit underneath a puffy parka, which read very 1998 Mariah Carey goes skiing. To sum it up, it was wholly fabulous. We caught up with designers Phillipe and David Blond after the show to get their thoughts on the collection.

What was the inspiration behind the collection? I know it’s a boring question.

Phillipe: It was a little bit of a Iraqi films and Alice in Wonderland meets Jennifer Blonde meets material girl meets a little bit of ‘90s. Some Lisa Bonet.

David: Well, lets nutshell it.

I liked the non-nutshell.  

David: There are a lot of nutshells in our relationship. Well, we’re really inspired by film and we always sort of pull those scenes from films. Basically, it’s Alice in Wonderland, but directed by Greg Araki, is what it is in a nutshell.

That is fabulous. You guys dress so many famous people, so many pop stars. What dead person would you most want to dress?

Phillipe: Marilyn.

David: Yes, Marilyn. Obviously.

Oh, of course. Would you put her in [Phillipe’s] corset?

Phillipe: Yes, we would put her in a leather corset dress.

Well, it looks amazing. How did the pink dreadlocks come about?

 David: That was something that also had the seeds in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes—this famous scene, where she’s dancing with the guys. The girls all have these nets over their faces—very fetishy—and they’ve got roses on the back of their heads, and they’re covered with net. So, as opposed to using roses we wanted something organic and colorful, but we came up with this thing with Oribe and [Umbrella salon founder] Kien Hoang, doing these colorful, twisted dreads.

What advice do you have for women, or people in general, to make themselves feel glamorous every day? 

Phillipe: Oh, just throw on a little something sparkly. A little high heel.

David: Something sparkly. Or start off with some Mac Ruby Woo.

For more Blonds, check out our runway rundown.

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