MADtv Is Coming Back: Check Out Their Top 5 Craziest Sketches

Face it, whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate, chances are that your hentai-loving cousin will be coming around, sooner or later, to remind everyone that he’s still alive. And, as it turns out, Saturday Night Live is no different from the rest of us. Their own wild, wacky, and ever inappropriate lil’ step bro MADtv is coming back to TV…for one night only.

It’s been 20 years since MADtv first aired.  With its hugely diverse cast (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele) and wild sketches, the show made its name by being the most quoted program at every middle school lunch table. To celebrate, a special will be airing on the CW, featuring 19 previous cast members, and many, many wigs. But in case you don’t quite remember what MADtv was all about, here are five sketches that perfectly sum up the show.

Can I have your number?

Inspired by the beauty of one woman’s up-do, a man asks an age-old question.

Sprint Ringtones

Remember when ringtones were a thing? Remember when Clay Aiken was also a thing?

East Side Locos Tagging

A gang member teaches us the proper way to tag a house. Salazar, this ain’t the Sistine Chapel.

Stuart Goes to School

A teacher’s struggle to inspire a young mind. Life is kind of rough for Stuart. Bless.

Apple I-rack

Steve Jobs unveils his latest project to some controversy.

There you have it: All the satire, impressions, and plaid shirts that made MADtv what it was. This year has been one long nostalgia kick, and we’re happy to see that this was one of the things swept up in the early 2000s obsession. The special airs on January 12th, so you have plenty of time to remind your friends to work that up-do.

Photos via Youtube and VH1.

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