Magic Is Real: Jacquemus Put A White Horse On The Runway

Adorable French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus’ SS16 collection was another in a long streak of wins. The clothes were wearable but avante-garde, blurring the line between performance and fashion. The show itself was open to the public, like Givenchy’s New York show, continuing this fashion month’s populist theme — Jacquemus even invited a horse.

“Le Nez Rouge” (the red nose), set itself apart from Jacquemus’ previous work right off the bat, beginning with a somber, heavy tone. A small child in an oversized parody of a classic, white poplin business shirt used his whole body to push a massive — seriously, check out the difference in size and imagine your little self doing the same — red ball of cloth down the runway, a dramatic piano score playing in the background. On any other day he may have been a little prince, but on Jacquemus’ runway the child was a petite, modern Sisyphus. Models followed him in deconstructed business wear — dark and harsher than most of his other designs, but still sexy and playful – looking something like out of a highly exclusive purgatory, a hell that you would actually want to go to.


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And then there was a horse; so beautiful was this horse, that it must have fallen gracefully from horsey heaven right onto the designer’s runway, accompanied by the mastermind himself. Jacquemus was dressed in all white; pant legs rolled easy, sleeves hanging low, not dissimilar from the child’s first appearance, but weightless as opposed to burdened.

As an artistic response to the designer’s unspecified pain — he’s apparently been sick — our favorite horse suggested a great deal of hope. Will we be so #blessed by Jacquemus in the future?

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