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Mallory Merk Talks Reese’s Puffs, Rapping, & Fenty Beauty

Mallory Merk is magnetic. Whether it’s through her Instagram or her songs, it’s impossible not to feel immediately drawn in. With feet planted in the worlds of both fashion and music, Merk is stepping into the spotlight as a growing model and creative. As an artist, her voice shines through her unquestionably cool sound and tenacious attitude. She is influenced by artists like Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. With lyrics saturated with metaphors about love, youth, and living free, her writing is honest, clever, and raw. Merk released her first EP, MM & HH, in 2016, when she was just 15. The EP featured standout tracks “North American Ride” and “You Wanna” that have been garnering a lot of Spotify love recently. As a model, she’s been the muse of fashion moguls Kanye, Rihanna, and Pat McGrath. Her most recent project? An appearance in Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Campaign

Milk sat down with Merk to talk music, inspirations, and her plans for the future. Her new EP 111 Reasons comes out soon, and we’re counting down the days until we get a listen. Until then, check our interview with the budding creative below. 

To start us off, how did you start making music?

I started off making music by writing lyrics and poetry that ran through my mind everyday. Then I started making music with a laptop, headphones and garage band with the songs I had written with guitar and piano. I also used beats from YouTube and some I got from friends.

We love “North American Ride”, what was your writing process for the song?

I was on a long car ride through New York and I just wrote what came to mind, like a vision.

How long does it take you to write a song?

Usually it doesn’t take long at all. I believe the best songs just flow out of me when I’m alone with my thoughts. Though, there have definitely been songs I’ve made that have been revised and perfected (like Baewatch one of my favorites).  I love those, too.

Go to breakfast cereal?

Honestly I love Reese’s Puffs with bananas if I have ’em.

If you could go on tour with any artist, who would it be?

Probably Kid Cudi.

Favorite song this month?

“Loose Rap” – Aaliyah even though it wasn’t released this month.

What are the best and worst parts of working in the music industry?

Working in the “music industry” means a lot of things, honestly. My manager is the reason why I can communicate with a lot of people on higher business planes. I would say that being a young female can be the best and worst thing in this industry. It’s definitely difficult to to get acceptance and understanding from adults and CEOs who don’t do what I do and haven’t lived what I have. Being young makes some people in the industry think they can fuck you over, lie to you, or manipulate you, whether they mean harm or not. Being a young female isn’t an illusion that I’m not tough. I am, definitely tough haha.

We love the video for Shadow Dance. Are you planning on making videos for any of your other songs?

Of course! I have an animated lyric video coming out soon for a new song ;););)

I’m also working on some videos from my old project and another single I recently recorded. I love videos and I can’t wait to make my visions come to life this year for you guys.

We know you’ve done work in fashion with Rihanna. What was it like working with her?

I loved every second of working with Queen Robyn, she was so welcoming and she made all the models feel at home. I can tell she saw something special in each of the Fenty Beauty girls, and she also sees the most creative visions in each person. Whether it’s their style, or what they look like or what they say, Rihanna really saw the beauty in every person when she made Fenty Beauty and Fenty x Puma. I’m so happy she wanted me to help her vision come alive.

Are you going to be performing live anywhere soon?

Live shows will be announced very soon!!

Judging by YouTube comments, fans seem to want you to rap. Is rapping something you could see yourself doing?

I do see myself rapping in the future, because I can. I’m always writing little songs in my head and I do write more hip hop oriented songs sometimes, I’ve just been focusing on my sound and my soul, though. What I feel is right is always right, and rapping does feel right on some production and when I feel it in my heart.

Whats next! Let us know what we should be looking out for.

MY NEXT EP COMING VERY SOON 111 REASONS! I love every last one of my supporters and there is always something I have in store for my loves.

Images courtesy of Mallory Merk

Stay tuned to Milk for more rising talent.

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