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Man Claims He Bought $4,100 Worth of Weed Thinking it was Guacamole

The cops are not buying this one. We’ve heard some pretty out-there excuses when it comes to getting caught with everyone’s favorite flower, but never before has guacamole been involved. Michael Konetsco told Pennsylvania police he thought the package he was getting from FedEx contained guacamole – in reality, it contained $4,100 worth (about a pound) of marijuana. According to the state court opinion by President Judge Susan Peikes Gantman, “a cop disguised as a FedEx employee delivered the package and put it in Konetsco’s hands”.

After Konetsco was arrested, “materials for breaking down and reselling drugs were seized from Konetsco’s home”, Gantman noted in his report, and his cell phone activity “demonstrated narcotics trafficking”. Konetsco could face up to 28 months in jail for the charges.

Is guacamole the new oregano?

Featured graphic courtesy of Erin McDowell

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