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Mansur Gavriel Will See You Now [NYFW]

I can’t say that I ever thought sterile chic was a thing…that is, until Mansur Gavriel‘s SS17 presentation happened and I found myself in a trio of white rooms filled with leather bags and accessories perched immaculately atop white pillars. A steady stream of white-clad bepeplummed models staring blankly into infinity shuffled past me every so often as I stood in line to collect stationery from a booth manned by equally demure waifs who spoke ever so softly and in such a way that I felt as if I were checking into the world’s most thoughtfully composed hospital. They presented my neatly packaged greeting cards to me with both hands.

The models in white were starkly opposed by crimson counterparts, posed motionless alongside the occasional monochromatic print like aesthetically pleasing wallflowers. Each room had filled with onlookers dueling for floor space for shots that would do the presentation’s sterility justice, myself included. I waited a considerable amount of time before successfully capturing a foot-less, shadow-free photo of a staircase adorned with identical brown leather handbags. Erik Satie’s Trois Gymnopédies No. 1 played on loop, and in a modern-day Stepford-esque finale, The Reds filed into a greater-than formation across the middle room’s back staircase. Goosebumps ensued.

We Spied…

Contemporary Victorian minimalist outdoor house slippers. Refer to photo for clarity.

2 HOURS UNTIL SHOWTIME #NYFW ❤️ behind the scenes MG

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It’s in the Details…

Nine brand new styles made their grand entrance alongside the aforementioned aristocratic mule and tan sandals (tandals?). Front-flap leather handbags with shiny, round closures and short, stocky handles reigned supreme. There were plaid iterations of solid versions, and naturally, the cornerstone bucket bag maintained a constant presence. Other textures like suede, silk, and grosgrain made the occasional appearance.

MG ❤️ SS17

A photo posted by Mansur Gavriel (@mansurgavriel) on

The Takeaway…

Mansur Gavriel flexed on us, as if to say, “We are more than just bucket-slinging cool people.”

Mansur Gavriel x #rosé

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The Look That Gave Us Life…

I’m buying these and I don’t care what my mom says.


A photo posted by Mansur Gavriel (@mansurgavriel) on

Featured image via Yahoo Style.

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