"I always knew I had a banger on my hands."



MANU CROOK$'s New EP Isn't Just Music; "This is an Art Piece"

MANU CROOK$ is not your average Australian rapper. Though hailing from down under, his sound is much more reminiscent of the grittier, raw vibes of the Atlanta hip hop scene, and, understandably, fans across the world are hungry for more. His breakout singles, “Everyday” and “Assumptions”,  have been heavily rotated on the radio, from Australia’s “Triple J” to “Zane Lowe” on Apple Beats 1, and it seems that CROOK$ has already built up a dedicated following with his “raw lyricism and seamless flow.” We sat down with the Australia native right before his EP release (it’s since dropped; listen to mood forever below), his favorite part about performing, and where he draws inspiration for his banging beats.

Many have likened your music to the kinds of raw hits we’re used to hearing out of Atlanta. How would you describe your rap style?

This is an art piece. It’s not just rap to me, my voice is an instrument and I can manipulate and do all sorts of styles with it.

Your single “Everyday” has over 1M views on YouTube right now. Did you expect that kind of reception?

We made the record a year prior to releasing it. I always knew I had a banger on my hands, but over a milli views & over a milli plays on Spotify? That’s unheard of for this Sydney boy.

The video for “Assumptions” came out earlier this year. It’s got that darker, moodier feel we don’t often see in today’s hip-hop videos. Where did you get the inspiration for those visuals?

The inspiration came from my love for dark and moody vibes.

What’s the writing process like for you? Is it inspired by your personal experiences, what you might be listening to at the moment, etc?

Pretty much everything I lay down in the studio is inspired by personal experiences. Thing is, I might lay down a rough idea on a beat, and it most probably won’t make sense because there are no real words to it, but the vibe of the idea can spark a topic I wanna touch up on, or a certain word I say can make the whole song.

You’ve described your shows as “vibes, energy, and fun”. What’s your favorite part of performing?

Definitely the first couple of seconds I jump on the stage, I feed off the vibe of the crowd .. usually, I’m nervous AF just before I go on but once I step out and hear and see so many new faces, I just think to myself, “what a blessing.” Then I perform the first song, the crowd goes off, and everything goes smoothly.

Your EP mood forever is set to drop on August 18th. What can we expect from that?

Six new songs from Manu Crooks!

What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2017?

Working on mood forever II, thinking about going around the country for my first-ever headline tour.

Images via Connor Langford

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