Marijuana forest makes us reconsider the great outdoors

Somewhere in Southern London, there’s an actual weed forest — a real, honest to God, forest of weed. An area of roughly a hundred square yards, brimming with ganja, was recently discovered by Kingston police. Filled with over 150 plants, just shy of five feet tall, this pot smoker’s Eden had gone relatively unnoticed until a local spotted a few suspicious looking leaves. It’s like The Secret Garden, except instead of British invalids, this garden is filled with the chronic.

When police came upon the heavenly patch of green, they anticipated finding only a few plants. The expression on their faces must have been priceless when they realized it was actually the size of a football field. Of course, this finding is completely insane, and even the police were posting pictures on Twitter and Instagram, complete with hashtags like #TheseArentXmasTrees. One police official even commended the unknown grower, commenting that whoever set it up found a pretty stellar hiding spot.

And it was a pretty stellar hiding spot. Getting to the pot plot entailed a 20-minute walk through a relative wasteland, where the little oasis was tucked away amongst taller plants. The location was so remote that there hasn’t actually been an approximation as to how long it had been growing. Unfortunately for dreamers everywhere, the haven is no more, and cops are beginning to dispose of the plants.

Cops have no idea who the green-thumbed culprit is, but many suspect students, given a university hall is in close proximity to the location. Whoever the campus dealer is, he was probably rolling in the dough. The hills are alive — with the smell of that dankity dank.

Photo via The Guardian 

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