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Mask Appeal: The Sheet Mask That's Gold AF

Welcome to Mask Appeal, where Milk.xyz will be exploring the best (and potentially worst) masks the internet has to offer. First up? This gold AF sheet mask from MyM. 

“Make you feel like a celebrity!” is printed on the packaging of MyM’s Bio-Gold Collagen Renewal Mask and, after testing it, I believe it is somewhat of a true statement.

I am a big believer in the power of sheet masks, so I will try any and all I can get my hands on. This one in particular is not your ordinary sheet mask (but no—it’s not edible). When you pull it out if its page protector-like packaging, it feels like a super thick, slippery, deflated balloon. Like any other sheet mask, you align the eye and mouth holes to your own, slap it on, and let the mask magic begin—simple as that.

After removing the mask, I noticed residual glitter left on my skin. Some might like this feature for a faux summer glo, but I wasn’t too into it. My new, sparkly look threw me back to my middle school days when wearing makeup meant wiping shimmery shit all over my face. That said, my skin definitely felt a little softer and bouncier a few hours later. I would recommend this mask for a wine night or even before applying your makeup, but like many face treatments, I think I would have to use this mask a few more times to see a true change in my skin. You might get a kick out of using this mask just to take some ridiculous photos looking like a golden nugget. Ready for your closeup? Snag it here or here.

Images courtesy of Skyler Yahney

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty hacks of the golden variety.

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