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Matt FX on The "Hesitate" Remix, Scooter Island, And "Broad City"

Matt FX isn’t exactly a household name (yet), but you’ve probably seen (or more precisely, heard) his work: on cult favorites like “Skins” and our personal favorite, “Broad City“. He’s more than just a music supervisor, though; in the mean time, Matt has also been cooking up his own tunes, and finally released a track under his own name earlier this month (to resounding praise). “Hesitate”, a Richie Quake remix that Matt whipped up in a single night while out west in L.A. (yes, one night), is just the first in what, here’s hoping, will be a series of OG Matt FX tracks coming our way (until then, we’ll be listening to his NYC collective, Scooter Island, under which he’s released plenty of tracks to keep us occupied).

We caught up with the multifaceted New York native to talk more about his new music, working with Abbi and Ilana on “Broad City”, hosting MTV’s “Wonderland”, and all the other dope stuff he’s got up his sleeve for the rest of 2017. Peep the full interview below, and stay tuned for his Milk Friday playlist, coming later this month.

Earlier this month, for the first time, you released a track under your own name—the Richie Quake “Hesitate” remix. Can you tell us a little about that? What has the reception been like?

For sure! The remix happened late last year while I was working in LA. I had known about the original tune since before Richie had put it out and had always wanted to put my spin on the song; when I played it for my boy Yung Skrrt, he felt the same way and we actually wound up cutting the whole thing in a night. Skrrt recorded his vocals first and actually convinced me to try out ad-libs; after that I passed the track back to my boy Mari in NYC who (god bless) recorded parts for us until 3-4 AM so we could get it all done that night!

Reception has been super dope—Apple Music/Beats 1 has been super supportive and a lot of homie-producers have been asking about working remixes for them next!

And you’ve also put out an EP under the Scooter Island umbrella, which is your NYC collective. You call the EP “rooftop music”—can you expand on that definition?

Rooftop music for me is essentially a chilled-out, tropical vibe that still shows urban roots. It’s not really island music, but it totally fits alongside it, if that makes sense.

A lot of people know you from your work as a music supervisor for shows like “Broad City”. What’s it like working with Abbi and Ilana? We’re huge fans!

I enjoy working for Abbi and Ilana more than anyone else I’ve ever worked for, period. They are so cool and chill, have incredible ideas, and also trust me to do my thing quite a lot of the time as well. It’s really something that is quite special for me.

Can you tell us about hosting MTV’s “Wonderland”? How does that gig inspire you in your own music ambitions?

“Wonderland” was crazy! I gotta say—if someone had told me last January that I was going to be on live television come September, I would have gone to the gym a couple times…I was so green when I first got brought on, so new to the whole process of being in front of the camera constantly instead of somewhere behind it. It was such an amazing experience and I’m really excited to move forward as a host/on-air talent in the future. I shot a pilot I’m really proud of a couple months ago and have also just been asked to co-host a podcast for a pretty huge juggernaut in the biz so I’m incredibly grateful for the experience!!!

What are you working on right now that’s got you really stoked? Anything cool in the pipeline that you can share?

Absolutely. There’s a track coming out on March 10 that I co-wrote and produced with a guy named Cabo Blanco for a new artist who I’m incredibly excited about, Synead. She’s actually someone I’ve known since the first day of high school, and is also Scooter Island fam. The song is called “Tropicao” and it’s been a very special project for us as we actually shot the video for it last year in Trinidad during Carnival! She’s got a Trini background so the whole thing was super special, meeting her extended family, being in the parade, seeing the amazing natural sights of the island…an amazing memory for sure.

Featured image courtesy of Nina Westervelt 

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