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Matthew Adams Dolan Has Created a Preppy, Gender Neutral Wonderland [NYFW]

If you haven’t heard the name Matthew Adams Dolan, get ready. Quickly becoming a street style king while casually designing for our queen Rihanna, Adams Dolan has set the bar for his success just about as high as can be. Since graduating from the Parsons MFA program and being immediately immersed in the New York Fashion scene, he has been praised for his work with denim and couture techniques. This NYFW, the Adams Dolan collection is a wonderland of gender neutral, youthful preppy knits, denim, and the longest sleeves you could ever imagine.

Pleated and knit mini skirts, heavy sweaters, and classic button up shirts eased down the runway this season, serving up Gossip-Girl-nostalgia-meets-country-club-edge vibes. Dolan managed to take the terminology and vibe of workwear and translate it more than a uniform or dress code. Each jacket and pair of trousers or shorts easily classified itself as gender neutral as well as the extra long sleeved collared shirts, each being constructed almost identical to the previous. The models themselves were refreshingly styled, uber clean with no added color on their face and relaxed hair, which only added a hip-factor to these garments. His final look revived the Adams Dolan we originally fell in love with, a bright pink pair of palazzo couture cargo pants paired with a crisp white shirt.

With the 90s revival still in full swing and streetwear only becoming more and more prevalent in fashion, Matthew Adams Dolan feels like the exception. He defines and creates his work not by submitting to the modern consumers need, but instead by elevating it with the magic only he knows how to produce. To say Matthew Adams Dolan has a lot of eyes on him would be minimizing the authority he and his craft have fostered. All we know is that whatever he’s laying down, we are picking up. Oh, and it’s really fucking cool.

Images via Vogue

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