Alexandra Marzella and Maya Fuhr: How to be Maya Fuhr, as taught to you by Maya Fuhr.



Maya Fuhr Will Teach You How to Do Fashion Photography

Perhaps one of the most quintessential depictions of fashion photography is Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 classic film Blow-Up. In one of the most infamous scenes, David Hemming’s character, internationally-renowned photographer Thomas, shoots supermodel Veruschka in an absurd, hyper-sexual and dominating act. It’s the underlying context of this particular scene that serves as inspiration for Canadian photographer Maya Fuhr’s short-film, A Fashion Tutorial.

Starring Fuhr as herself, Alexandra Marzella as Maya, and Zav and Jacob as the models, the film, which was directed by Fuhr and fellow Canadian Chris Boni, is a satirical take on the relationship between photographer and assistant. Marzella’s Maya is a trained photographer carbon copy of the real Maya, although the point is to blur the lines, and that they do. “I’m showing the audience that I can train Ally to be me in 10 easy steps,” Fuhr told us, “I’m trying to see the humor in fashion shoots in our seemingly serious world.” The absurdity of the fashion world is a perfect compliment to the delicious visuals, which include a melt of fruit being brutalized and sexualized all at once, and an intense closed off fashion world designated by a room of velvet curtains that remind us of the dream scenes in Twin Peaks. Fashion, in all its beauty, can be terrifying, but Fuhr and Boni prove it can also be hilarious.

Marzella as Fuhr. Cuuute.

Photos by Maya Fuhr and Mark Sommerfeld

Stay tuned to Milk for more fashion parodies.

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