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Maya Fuhr's New Feminist Zine Collab Will Make Your Toes Curl [Exclusive]

When the worlds of fashion and visual art combine, only the best of things can happen. At least, that’s what we’ve learned from looking at this sneak peek of the new collaborative zine Like Honey from Toronto based fashion photographer Maya Fuhr and illustrator Michelle LeFade.

The zine is presented with a strong feminist focus, and, fittingly, as been made for this weekend’s Toronto Feminist Zine Fest. It features shots taken by Fuhr that have been given a mixed-media makeover by LeFade, resulting in some stunning shots that highlight each artist’s work while remaining congruent to their dual vision. “We both have a strong female energy present in our work,” said Fuhr when we asked about the collaboration, “I think that’s how we became close girls, we both feel a desire to express our femininity first and foremost.”

We reached out to both women for what drew them to each other’s work: 

Michelle: What I like most about Maya’s work is that she creates her own world through this dreamy colour palette. I started out working in black and white, very concerned with composition. But being around Maya inspired me to explore color and texture. I really wanted to reinterpret her images in my own world of bold lines and form and so we developed this little series together.

Maya: Michelle’s work completely inspires me.  Her characters are larger than life figures that dive off the page and make me want to strut down the street and become them. And her portrayal of woman is so positive in terms of body image and attitude.

The Toronto Feminist Zine Fest takes place on Saturday, 10/24, from 2 to 7pm @ 97 Niagra Street. They will be selling these prints there and online with shipping worldwide. 

Check out more of Maya Fuhr’s work on ma.de

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