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MDMA and 'Psychedelic Clinics' Could Help Treat Your Anxiety

Since 2012, everyone’s been trapped in the pursuit of Molly. That’s when Trinidad James let the world know that he had just popped a molly and that he was, indeed, sweating. Soon, seasoned ravers, budding trap children, sweet grandmas and their soccer mom daughters all around the nation found themselves tortured by one simple question: Where’s Molly? Well look no further, America. Our hellish search is finally over, because Molly is coming to a clinic near you. Well, her crazier older sister anyway.

We heard she’s pretty chill.

The infamous party drug MDMA is on track to be approved for treatment as early as 2021, giving life to sad ravers everywhere. As any good club kid would know, the drug stimulates feelings of love, connection, and empathy within the user. With guidance and a chill therapist, it can apparently be used to treat anything from PTSD to social anxiety to adult autism, as seen during a test trial where roughly 83% of patients stopped showing symptoms as soon as the second session. Mellowed out happy people are apparently a little more willing to delve into traumatic memories than someone who’s stone cold sober. Who knew?

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Squidward knew.

“Psychedelic clinics” are supposed to start popping up in another five years, so be on the lookout. Because hanging with the woes are nice, but no one should be around them all the time. Let Molly be your rebound.

Photos via Buzzfeed, Tumblr, Giphy, and Aux. 

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