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Meet 5 Behind The Scenes Videographers Making Waves

When MTV Jams became the norm for music video binging, spending our last on fashion magazines who stalked the next celebrity photoshoot followed suit. Fact is, since the rise of the internet era, we’ve all (at some point) fallen victim to the hypnotic trance of watching music videos on YouTube and Googling the shit out of the next designer celeb collab.

And while we spend hours scrolling through Instagram, liking the internet’s latest and greatest…how often do we dig deeper? It’s time to unmask the Hype Williams and Terry Richardsons of our generation. We rounded up our favorite photographers and videographers who remain BTS creating dope projects for us to obsess over; check our full list below.

DAPSSeeded Lagos-born videographer DAPS grew up in London and began his voyage of videography by producing music videos. The enthusiastic filmmaker yearned for more creativity and linked up with his brother’s production company, Luti Media, as a director. Since then, he’s directed numerous videos for Atlantas’ own Migos, including “What the Price”, “Deadz” ft 2 Chainz, “T-Shirt, and the internet phenomenon “Bad and Boujee“. Daps’ flourishing reel continues to impress with music projects featuring Stormzy, Iggy Azalea, and Kendrick Lamar, along with commercials for favored brands Nike and BMW.

Brian VuInspired by artists like Chad Wys, Maciek Jasik, and Pretty Puke, Vu has continuously submerged himself in the arts, and as a result, continues to impress. The recently graduate studied graphic design and moved into the realm of photography once he moved from California to NYC. Last year, Vu covered NYFW for tumblr, which opened the door to limitless design opportunities within the fashion industry. His collaborations include California-based surf-wear line RVCA, Print All Over Me, alongside Nicola Formichetti’s Nicopanda artwork and posters for their fall 2016 line. This expressive photo-preneur isn’t stopping at collaborations with niche designers; at the LA Book Fair Vu released “Spirit Power Song”, a portrait and still life photo series.

Evan E. RogersReppin’ the Bronx, Rogers’ journey into direction, photography, and videography stems from his father’s everlasting curiosity for technology. Rogers dabbled in film since he was 10 years young, and finally began taking it seriously while shooting music videos for his friends as a teenager. He was hired as a videographer by singer-producer Ryan Leslie, who contributed to the development of what is now considered Rogers signature cinema vérité in guerrilla filmmaking: a BTS of Rihanna’s vocal warm-up. Since 2011, he has been on tour filming Roc Nation princess Rihanna’s creative process and behind the scenes for various campaigns. And this multi-talented mogul has been on fire in more ways than one, working with the likes of Puma, Balmain, Dior, Mac Cosmetics, and Adidas as well.

Matthew KaplanThe 21-year-old Long Island native discovered his passion for photography and videography when he snuck into a Wiz Khalifa concert to photograph the renowned rapper from the crowd. From then on, the ambitious Kaplan with a taste for “on-the-go” photography continued shooting hip-hop artists, such as Young Thug, Migos, Joey Bada$$, 21 Savage, and Reese LaFlare. He began branching out and collaborating with hip-hop artist Key! and noted streetwear brand Carrots by Anwar Carrots. As a determined creative his advice for newcomers is simple: “work as hard as you can 24/7, start small to build up your portfolio, and remember that patience is key.”

Sharna OsborneObsorne started her creative career in the kitchen, where she worked as a chef in London until making videos for her friends. A lover of surrealism and the confident naivety of artist Jan Svankmajer’s work inspires her intriguing yet peculiar photography and videography, as seen in the Travis Scott and Helmet Lang collaboration. The riveting artist has also worked with Meadham Kirchhoff, Martine Rose, Jimmy Somerville, MCQ, JW Anderson, Man About Town, Replica, and Craig Green. With an eye like Osborne’s, you can bet she’ll be making waves this year, and beyond.

Images via Vibe, Brian Vu, Evan E. Rogers, Stefan Kohli, and Sharna Obsorne

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