Barnoness's Issue 1. Check out the new publication, which marries art and erotic imagery.



Meet Baroness,The Publication Redefining Sexual Imagery

Baron, an independent publication launched back in 2012, has consistently walked the line between pornography and art. Vocal supporters of sexual and emotional imagery, the creatives behind Baron—which includes creative director Matthew Holroyd and art director Bill Sullivan—have now launched a sister magazine, appropriately titled Baroness.

According to Holroyd, the magazine was Dazed & Confused‘s editor-in-chief Isabella Burley’s idea, and was developed after researching “the female gaze in relation to the male nude.” Tackling relevant, modern issues, Baroness aims to unearth new ideas and outlooks on sex by capturing individual, perhaps aberrant, beliefs, rather than promoting generalizations.

A sultry lil image from Baroness, shot by Harley Weir.

“Initially we wanted Baroness to be entirely about the female gaze in relation to the male nude, but we decided against the aforementioned, as we didn’t want Baron and Baroness to be about gender binaries and men versus women,” Holryod explained.

Rather than limiting the scope of content they can publish, the founders have established a framework for Baroness that’s conducive to groundbreaking and unprecedented images and content. People are full of multifaceted contradictions, and Baroness aims to reflect that.

Another of Harley Weir’s images for Baroness, with styling by Haley Wollens.

Visually speaking, most of the work featured in Baroness follows a sort of conceptual framework, work that requires detailed thought and ultimately imbues sex with a significance that it often lacks in hardcore pornography. How can something so pervasive—that is, sex—be simultaneously so taboo? This is just one of many questions that Baroness will explore, head-on. No pun intended.

Stay tuned to Milk for more risqué reads.

Photos by Harley Weir for Baroness

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