Acrush is the gender neutral group poised to take Asia by storm.



Meet China's Hottest New Androgynous "Boy Band"

Androgyny, it seems, has trickled its way down into the world of Chinese pop through way of boy band…or girl band? We’re not too sure, but we fucking love it. Acrush is a group of five super photogenic, gender non-binary individuals (all at least born as women) who actually prefer to be referred to as meishaonian (“handsome youths” in Chinese), in order to avoid discussions on their gender. Their singing, dancing and overall aesthetic has captured the hearts of almost one million followers on China’s equivalent of Twitter, Weibo. That said, the group’s agent Zhou Xiaobai claims that 15% of the group’s predominantly female social following is made up of haters. These self-proclaimed “anti-fans” criticize Acrush for their androgynous appearance, but let us not forget what Drake, the most prolific rapper of our time, has taught us: haters are motivators.

Despite the criticism they have been getting for their gender fluid looks, the band members—namely Lin Fan, Peng Xichen, Lu Keran, An Junxi and Min Junqian—brush the hate-dust off their flannel-clad shoulders and continue rockin’ their crew cuts on stage. After all, they each claim to have been sporting their androgynous styles far before forming as a band, so it’s nothing they’re not used to. Acrush has only appeared at a few music events thus far, but with a music video to be released by the end of April, and an already-obsessive following behind them, we’re stoked to see what these meishaonian have up their sleeves. Images via Quartz Media

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