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Meet Compton Native & Illegal Civilization Skater Aramis Hudson

Last week I got a chance to sit down with 21-year-old LA Native, Aramis Hudson. Based out of Compton, Aramis found his love for skateboarding at a very young age and through that has had some amazing opportunities outside of the sport. With credits on Mid 90’s and HBO’s Original “Ballers”, as well as being involved with the group Illegal Civilization and his own company Cavi Club, Hudson is one busy young man.

Keep reading below for our interview with Hudson, accompanied by some original photos by Andres Norwood.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Aramis Hudson.

For those people who may not know you, how would you best describe yourself?

Happy. Funny. Outgoing. 

I am willing to do anything. 

How would you describe your occupation?

Doing what I want because I love it. 


But I wouldn’t only classify myself as skateboarder because I have other interests and I have made money doing other things. 

If it is fun, I will do it. If I can also make money off it, I will do it. 

Can you describe being a California Native?

Honestly, great! I am for sure happy that I live in LA because for one, the weather is better. The people are nice. 

I love saying I am from LA, Compton to be specific. I have grown up my whole life here and I don’t regret it. People don’t really have a better understanding of what is like to live here. They often perceive it as a bad place but it is better than what people think. It has also evolved for the better. The gang bangers went to jail, there has been a lot new homes being built/developed and even Tony Hawk built a new skatepark right across the street. 

Speaking of skateboarding, what was the spark in 10 year old Aramis Hudson that decided to pick up a skateboard?

This is a story that a lot of people don’t know about. My mom is a hair stylist and she had a shop on Pico. One day, this woman walked in and she was Stevie Williams’ mom, Susan Willams. They became close friends and over time she ended up becoming my god mother.

One day I was over at her house with my brothers watching Spongebob and her son Stevie came walking in looking at all of us. He said, “Y’all look bored, go do something.” So he went back to his car and got us a skateboard. He wrote “T” on the tail and an “N” on the nose. And ever since then we started skating. It was one board between me and my two brothers to split. So the spark was Stevie Williams. 

Describe the impact of being involved with groups such as the Cavi Club and Illegal Civilization?

Cavi Club came from a place where skate companies didn’t want to put us in there videos. Just because we were young and they had a mentality of, “Wait your turn.” 

So we figured, fuck it, we will make our own videos and then when we started poppin’ all those skate companies started coming at us saying, “Do you want to be in our video?”

We said fuck that, they weren’t messing with us in the beginning. No hate to them but with Cavi Club that came about because nobody liked us and we loved ourselves. 

We have each others back for life whether we skate or not. Those are my homies. 

With Illegal Civilization, that came from me skating in North Hollywood and my friend Mikey (Alfred) would come around and gather some of the best skaters in the area. Those have been my friends before skating so it came together naturally. The wanted me to join IC and after a couple month we made it happen. Those guys are my brothers. 

On Twitter you speak a lot on self worth, what do you love most about yourself and does that translate to the people around you?

Self worth is honestly the key to life because you could be this amazing person, and someone will know that and use that against for there benefit. 

If you don’t have confidence in yourself and you don’t love yourself, you will probably not make it in life. 

I posted something on Twitter recently where I said, “If All you had to offer was FRIENDSHIP and ONLY FRIENDSHIP, how many people would still be in you life ?

Take those words and apply it to your everyday life. Those people I have around me, I still would have them without skateboarding. It’s not just about skateboarding. 

Mikey and I will go play badminton, or me and the homies will go the movies. We are regular people. We been that before skating. 

Do you think there is a certain disconnect with different generations and skateboarding?

What it is, we are young and we live our lives free.

But there is a point where people try to get directly involved with what we are doing and then call us names, throw shit at us & etc. 

What they should really do is call the cops and let them handle it. 

But when they try to get involved, they don’t understand that I am the type of person who will not go for that.

There was a video that we shot for Cavi Club and we were skating at a school. This teacher came out and as my friend was about to take off from this 10 stair, that same teacher threw a trash can at him mid air. That is out of pocket. 

Besides the fact that he is doing something wrong in a school, you don’t purposely try to injure someone. My friend could’ve seriously injured himself and when you try to intentionally hurt someone that I love, that’s where I get involved. 

But it is not just with skateboarding, people that are apart of “older generations” lived differently. They do not get me wearing a leopard print shirt and it is because of their upbringing and their age gap. 

Speaking of fashion, what does fashion mean to you? Also, are there any collaborations coming up for Cavi Club or IC?

I am not the type of person to say I want anything in particular. I don’t really care about brands. I want to work with my friends. 

For example, Ryder Mclaughlin is an amazing artist. Eventually I would love to put some of his ideas on a T-shirt. But it is not limited to anyone specifically. I want everyone that skates for Cavi to have an opportunity to create. 

Also, I love jewelry! If I was rich, I would blow all my money on jewelry. It would be sad. 

But just because someone wears jewelry doesn’t mean you look cool, because you could look f***ing whack in some jewelry. You gotta do it right. 

If I had $2 million in cash, first $400K is going to jewelry. 

And finally, what next for Aramis Hudson?

Taking Cavi Club, from being a group of homies that was making videos for entertainment and turning into an actual business. 

And after my ankle fully heals, film IC 4. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the fam.

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