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Meet Coqui, SoCal's Latest Psychedelic Sound Offering

Don’t sleep on this: SoCal Latino artist Coqui just released his new single, titled “Sleep Again”, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of his many accomplishments. While producing for Crystal Castles and touring with 30 Seconds To Mars, he’s managed to create his own set of singles that he anticipates to drop each month in the new year. “Sleep Again” is a teaser into Coqui’s psychedelic sounds, and there’s much more where this track came from. Keep reading below for more on the inspiration behind his new single.

Can you give us a brief rundown of yourself as an artist and some accomplishments that stand out to you personally the most?

For the last three to four years I’ve been working behind the scenes. Mostly, engineering and producing . I engineered the last Crystal Castles record. I’ve been working with a few independent artists, one in particular, Disco Shrine. She’s awesome! I produced her first song “Up in the air” that released earlier this year. It’s doing really great. I’ve been touring with 30 Seconds to Mars. It was a huge world tour! We did most of Europe, South America, and the U.S. With that we were on the road for nine months out of the year. It was nuts! So, I recently came home from wrapping up that and I’ve been focusing on my music. This whole project is my first attempt to do it as a solo artist.

How would you explain life on tour? Do you usually have any downtime or is it a constant work flow?

So on a tour it’s almost the same thing everyday. Pull up to the venue, load in at a certain time, and sound check. Then you wait till it’s time to go on stage to perform and do it all over again. That is basically the schedule, but what’s great about it is you can still write music on the road. That’s what I’ve been doing all year. Most of my songs I’ve written for this project have been written all over the world. I wrote some in Spain, Canada, and Brazil. It’s been really interesting getting a lot of influence from it all.

How would you describe your music? Since you’re experimenting with different sounds.

I’ve been really influenced by a lot of younger artists. Especially, a lot of hip hop off of Soundcloud. There’s some really cool shit and some really bad shit. It’s cool to see it’s influence on pop culture. I grew up on music. My dad was a Dj so I grew up on house music and party music. I grew up on like ‘80s and ‘90s house music. As I got older, I was more into indie music, like The Killers, Kings of Leon, and The Strokes. My taste has constantly been evolving, but I still kind of threw a little bit of inspiration in my music. I don’t want to stick to just indie.

Congratulations on the release of “Sleep Again”. What was the inspiration behind the single?

That song kind of came out of nowhere. I was in between touring. I came home for two weeks before leaving to South America. So I had two weeks off.  This was one of the five songs that I wrote. While on tour, you have to be smart about partying because if you get sick, you’re screwed. The show just continues. So, when we got back to LA from tour we went out and needless to say I woke up so tired. I got on my laptop and started working on this song so sleepy and stoned. The song sounds exactly how I felt in that moment. Just wanting to sleep again.

How would you usually describe your creative process? Do you have any set rules for yourself when you are writing?

As far as songwriting goes, I try to write as honest as possible. It has to be something I feel strongly about. As far as production goes I definitely have my go-to’s. I usually start with playing something on my guitar or I find a cool sample that I end up experimenting with. Then, I’ll build rhythm around that and I’ll write a song to it. I also try to pull from personal experiences when writing my songs. I love pulling from movies! That’s my favorite!

I’ve never heard of that before! That’s really cool.

It’ll be anything from an idea in the movie to a conversation that’s interesting or relatable. Then,  I write my version of it.

Overall, how do you want your listeners to feel when they hear your music?

I want my music to convey emotion. Songs should make you feel something. Whether it’s happy or sad. If you don’t feel an emotion from a song, you’re just listening to background noise. My main thing is having my music take you to a different place.

As the new year approaches have you set any goals for yourself as an artist?

This project is all super new. All I wanted from this was to put out music on my own terms. My goal is to put out a song a month for the next six months up until Summer. I don’t have a big team or a label. I’m just doing it myself. Let’s just see where it goes from there!

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