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Meet House of Kulkidz, The Club Kid Movement of Lithuania

Pull up a chair and take a seat at the KulKidz’s table—don’t worry, everybody’s welcome.

Trading high-school cafeteria cliques for the Lithuanian club scene instead, House of Kulkidz is a trio of fashion performers who are the self-proclaimed “first club kids of Lithuania.”

Heavily inspired by the club kid culture that was cultivated in NYC throughout the ’80s and ’90s, the KulKidz aim to embrace self-expression and self-acceptance through their performances.

“We are a reactionary group. People are afraid to explore the skin in which they live in. Lithuanian culture can often oppress those who seek to develop alternative aspects of themselves.”

The KulKidz also represent a call to action in regards to embracing queer culture through the act of visibility.

“We believe that everyone can choose the life they want to live, post-Soviet conservatism is subliminally affecting all of us,” the KulKidz say. “Our continuously developing movement of queer liberty infects night culture, and expresses our creativity in the public sphere, we are the souls of the night who stand as living and breathing creatures.”

Check out some sick photos of the KulKidz from a recent photoshoot, we’re absolutely living for their avant-garde style and dramatic glamour. In the words of the KulKidz themselves, “More is more, fuck less is more.”

House of KulKidz is Alen, KruelaDovil Rostovska, & Katkus Temsta

Photographer: Rasa Nebasa

Makeup: Reta; Hair: Aiste Bauzyte

Assistants: Gintare Vai & Modesta Kremeryte

Scenography: Kotryna Briedyte

Creative direction: Modesta Kremeryte

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