Zanna Roberts Rassi and Georgie Greville



Meet Monday's Guest Editors, Zanna And Georgie

We side with Garfield: Mondays suck. They’re a historically unpopular day, one on which we roll into work bleary-eyed, just wanting to be in bed watching true crime television (the new OJ Simpson show is so good, fyi). Mondays in February might be even worse; it’s a dreary month in New York City, filled with rain and snow and sleet. But on this upcoming Monday, February 8th, we actually have something to look forward to.

Milk Makeup will be fully launching to the public, and to celebrate, founders Georgie Greville and Zanna Roberts Rassi will be taking over our site as guest editors. Greville and Rassi are the coolest; Georgie is a director who serves as the co-founder of Legs Media, and Zanna works as Marie Claire‘s senior fashion editor, and as a correspondent to E! News and The Today Show. Talk about #goals.

So their day on the site is gonna be fun, it’s gonna be badass, and it’s gonna be full of beauty looks that you’ll want to try yourself. “I just want to inspire girls to go out and try new things with their makeup,” said Rassi. Greville agreed. “It’s about bringing beauty down to earth a bit, and making it accessible to everyone.”

“I feel like we have real values going into it, and I think that comes through,” continued Greville. “If you look closer, there’s awesome people behind this stuff, and I think that’s what’s meaningful.” It’s for Milk Girls, by these Milk Girls. We can’t wait for you to see more.

Stay tuned to Milk for more from Zanna and Georgie.

Photo by Nyra Lang, with graphics by Kathryn Chadason.

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