On Friday we heard a dope Friday mix from Angel and Dren; now, we're sitting down with this DJ duo for a fresh off the press heart to heart.



Meet NYC's Favorite Twin Sister DJ Duo, Angel and Dren

Angel and Dren are two sisters who prove the age-old adage: two really is better than one. As DJs, their sisterly spinning has landed them at the helm of parties from Brooklyn to Basel (for the likes of Alex Katz and A$AP Mob, no less), and their knack for fashion has taken them all the way to Paris and back. And their most recent venture? The coveted Nike brand ambassador team, where the pair has only continued to shine.

After hitting replay on their mix all weekend (if you haven’t heard it yet, tune in now), we sat down with Angel and Dren to talk music, fashion, and what’s next for this seemingly unstoppable sister act. Peep the full interview below.

Let’s start way back—how did your collective love for music start? When did you guys make the leap to a full-on DJ career? Was that something you ever dreamt of growing up?

Dren: I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me I would grow up to be a DJ! But soooo happy that’s the case. We always loved music but after college, Angel suggested we start as a hobby and we were immediately obsessed.

How would each of describe your personal tastes in music? If they’re super different, what’s the process look like to combine them for a show or party?

Angel: I like a little bit of everything. Our Soundcloud has a lot of different sounds on it, from future hip-hop and house, to trap and reggae. For parties I just like to keep people dancing. Dren’s pretty much the same but we definitely have our differences sometimes. It’s good that there are two of us because one person can feel out the crowd and come back with the feedback.

Dren: I think we have similar taste. We’re Jamaican, so we love Reggae and we lived in Brazil for a year so we love Brazilian sounds like Samba and Baile Funk. Right now I’m also into grime, heavy bass tracks, and some pop fusion.

Tell us about your first breakout moment as DJs.

Angel: Our first big gig was definitely when we opened up for Questlove. He’s definitely a hero.

You guys have been all over the place—most recently, at Paris Fashion Week and Art Basel Miami. What keeps you grounded amidst the chaos of work/life?

Angel: I think we keep each other grounded. Haha. We have to, spending so much time with each other. 

Dren: Yeah—we’re literally never home, so home is being around our friends and other great people. Our squad is A1.

I know you guys were recently-appointed brand ambassadors for Nike—what’s that process been like?

Dren: It’s been a dream! We’ve met some of the best people working with Nike; I would really consider them like family at this point. As a brand, they’re so dominant in fitness and athletics, and in turn fashion and music, that they’ve been able to support us in those same lanes. We’ve worked with them, providing music curation for the NY Marathon, DJ’ing events like the Serena Williams Nike Court launch in NYC, and appearing in their lunar epic campaign.

Dream project?

Dren: We’ve been working on a lot of new tracks. We’d love to collab with some of our fav artists on them.

On a fashion note, how would you describe your personal styles? Where do each of you pull inspiration from?

Angel: My style changes seasonally and this winter is cozy chic so far.

Dren: Forever inspiration is Naomi Campbell in the ’90s, and even now for that matter.

What’s next for you two?

Dren: Trying to put out an EP this year with all original music.

Image courtesy of Alex Sweterlitsch 

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