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Meet Rap Realist & "Rules" Artist Bbymutha

Southern rapper Bbymutha is no rookie—she’s been grinding for years in the music industry and has certainly made a name for herself. She’s received lots of love and opportunities on her journey, from sharing a bill with fellow rap realist Trina, to performing her raw verses overseas. It’s no surprise then that Bbymutha has gone viral for her song, “Rules”, a screwed, intoxicating cut from her Glow Kit project. The video is making rounds on Twitter and Instagram, racking up nearly 10,000 views on YouTube and getting cosigns from Rico Nasty, Dreezy, FUCCI, and various other artists. MILK.XYZ sat down with the hoodrat Aphrodite about the experience, her career, and her family, among other things; check the full interview below.

First things first, congratulations! How does it feel to have a song that’s touching so many people?

It feels WEIRD! [Laughs] I’ve been doing this seriously for about four years now and I’ve always had the same fans, so I feel like I know my fans and my fans know me. I feel like I have a personal relationship with most of them. But this is a lot, a lot for me anyway. I’ve gained over a thousand followers in the past couple days and that’s not monumental, but I’m not used to this rush of people coming at me [all] at once. Most of it’s love so it’s not that bad, but my anxiety been on 10. [Laughs]

You said on Twitter that instead of “emojis and apps…[you] want[ed] childcare centers, hair salons and apothecaries.” Can you expand on that? 

I just feel like there isn’t enough safe spaces or outlets for women and femmes—especially ones with children—to take space for themselves. Like, raising kids is pressure. I’ve been a stay at home mom since I decided to start pursuing music. There were times when I felt like I was literally losing my mind because I didn’t have a car…I was stuck in the house with two toddlers during the day and two toddlers and two preteens in the afternoon till bedtime. I love my kids, my kids bring me joy, but I can’t have adult conversations with them. Adults need “playtime” too…no matter what they say about women with children, we NEED time away from our kids. Imagine wanting to go relax and get away for a [few] hours because you’ve been chasing kids all day and you have NO support system, nobody to give you that break. Why aren’t there hair salons and spas with childcare centers attached? We need those in my opinion. We need used bookstores in the hood. There’s liquor stores on every corner but no books. Black women should have access to herbs, salves, tinctures and natural healing if that’s the route they want to go. We don’t even have an apothecary on my side of town. I want people to stop acting like poverty or motherhood is a punishment. We deserve shit too.

You give of yourself so freely. You’ve given the public access to your experience via your music and social media—how do you do that so fearlessly?

I just don’t care. [Laughs] Like I don’t care but I’m not going to let you dog me. I open myself up because I know there are more people like me, but they’re scared to have that presence or they feel like n*ggas gone drag em, so they pretend to be someone else…that’s how you get “pick me’s”. They scared somebody not gone love or like them for being less than this imaginary ass standard and I, on the other hand, could give two shits if you do or not. I speak for the people who can relate…Not everyone can and that’s fine. I’m not for you.

You’re about to go on tour! What are you most excited about?

AMSTERDAM LIKE SHIT! Like not even because of weed but because like…it’s Amsterdam. When they reached out to me for booking, I was in Sweden actually. And I was shook because I make a list every year, at the beginning of the year, of my goals [and] I decided to put Amsterdam on my list for 2018 cause I was like, “Nobody gives a fuck about me over there yet, let me work a little harder lol.” But it happened early.

Again, congratulations! Can you talk about the importance of having a variety of women in rap? 

There’s more than one kind of woman in the world period. [A]s much as I love Nicki—the things that she talks about are fun to dance to and turn up to—bitch, I can’t afford no pink Lamborghini to race in China right now AND MOST WOMEN CAN’T. [Laughs] Flex rap is fun and goals, but I want realistic rap, too. I want reality as much as I want fantasy. There can’t be ONE female rapper to represent womanhood, like that shit just isn’t fair…We aren’t all the same. We all have different stories to tell. There’s 30 niggas running shit right now and they all rapping about how much lean they drank today. Why can’t we talk about our sexuality, our relationships, our DIFFERENT experiences as women without feeling like we have to settle for ONE woman’s experience to speak for us all?

Representation definitely matters. So, do your babies know that their mom is a super duper star? Have you been keeping them updated?

[Laughs] That’s so funny, Rico Nasty tweeted my video the other day and my oldest daughter was GASSED, she was outside telling her friends and shit. Lmao yeah they’re hip, I keep them filled in because I’m doing this FOR them. Like [it’s] for me, but for them so they can see success isn’t one dimensional my n*gga, you can be whoever the fuck you wanna be.

Amen. Lastly, what is the number one thing you want the world to know about Bbymutha?

I’ll beat your ass. Dassit, dass all.

Images courtesy of Bbymutha

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