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Meet SoundCloud Songstress & Joey Bada$$ Collaborator Kasai

Keep an ear out for the new kid in town, Kasai. Through SoundCloud, the West-Londoner started releasing music in 2017. After thousands of plays, she pulled everything and released her first debut single in 2018, “Pretty Boys”. Now, she’s riding the wave of her latest drop: “Habit” (hear it for yourself below). Since childhood, she’s been playing the piano and drums, and writes and co-produces all of her own music. We got to know the R&B vocalist while she was visiting in LA; read below for our interview, accompanied by photos from Yasmine Diba.

Introduce yourself!

Hi I’m Kasai. I’m an artist from west London. I started by making music in my bedroom and putting a track up on SoundCloud. I’ve now released my second single “Habit” which was made in that same environment about a year and a half ago.

What’s your perfect day in your home of West London?

I actually like to go out most of the time but my perfect day at home would start with cuddling my dog Blade in the morning to then having a hot shower followed by a face mask. I always have to create the right playlist of music to play whilst I shower to start my day right. [Laughs] I love to turn on my bedroom mic and record gibberish melodies to a beat I’ve got. Or write a poem and send it to my manager Sophie if I’m in the mood. When it rains outside, it can be really inspiring for a vibe indoors (rainy London). I’ll probably try to cook my own gluten-free food but I always result in ordering Nandos. [Laughs]

What have you found to be the most exciting aspect about having your music released to the public?

Letting people in on something I’m really excited and passionate about. It’s the sharing aspect that is the most fun part, giving them a little bit of me. Hearing peoples response and feeling their love towards it is such an uplifting feeling too. I love being able to talk to a stranger just because they heard my song. It’s really amazing.

Recording & releasing music can sometimes be a long process – how do you stay excited / motivated?

I try to ignore that it is a long process but it is a fun process. I try to remind myself that I could really be doing something that I absolutely hate which is other than music so that helps to keep me excited.

As an artist, do you feel the responsibility to share any specific messages?

I don’t feel any responsibility to share specific messages but I feel a responsibility to be honest and be my true self in the things I say through my music. It’s all about authenticity and through that how people will perceive me and be influenced which is important.

Who do you look up to?

I look up to God especially cus my mum brought me up in a church. I’ve never really grown up looking up to other people, no one has had that impact on me yet.

What have you been working on?

I’m currently in LA. Have been doing some writing sessions out here. Worked with a producer called hitboy and a few others which has been sick. Always working on new material. Trying to finish off my next single but also getting ready for my first EP too which is exciting.

What’s next?

Music. Live shows. Any opportunity that comes my way really. [Laughs]

Stay tuned to Milk for more Londoners we love.

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