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Meet The Brand Changing The Streetwear Landscape

Royalty isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when streetwear comes to mind, but Empire Collection is here to change that, shifting society’s perception of what we can and can’t make claim to. Take their SS18 look book: full of social and political contrasts, designer Jordan Prince sought to address and challenge conventional perception by juxtaposing royal vibes with the street aesthetic. The result? A brand-new way of expressing ourselves, and a full line of clothing we can’t wait to get our hands on.

We sat down with Prince to premiere the Empire Collection look book on Milk, talk more about fulfilling his creative vision, and what’s next for the brand; check the full interview below and the brand-new look book in the gallery above.

What was the inspiration behind the SS18 Lookbook?

The SS18 collection is a visual expression of social, political and territorial contrasts. We wanted to express a grandeur theme through a royal narrative, using images of palace buildings and castle residencies to set the mood. Its about expressing juxtaposition in this collection and using landscapes of royal symbolism with a streetwear aesthetic overall. I wanted to explore how these ideas compare and contrast as a contemporary concept.

What was the process like bringing your creative ideas to life?

The process for creating this collection was heavily focused on researching and developing the concept to convey a message that can be understood from opposing viewpoints. I wanted everything that was visually seen to have an underlying message or connotation. Their is a significant use of red tones within the collection because of the extreme nature of the colour. Its representation can also be questioned by its viewer. It could embody passion and seduction, as well as danger and violence. Its association with traditional royal fashion also tied in well with our theme this season. The linear fabric choice and imagery was to highlight an attention for detail. We collaborated with an artist based in Turkey to get the images seen in this collection. Ultimately, the creative process was repeated brainstorming, developing and reworking of the pieces to vividly display our message.

Streetwear is obviously having a moment right now—what do you think makes Empire Collection stand out from the crowd?

Empire Collection is streetwear at its core, However our collections will touch upon a range of other genres and art forms because of the scope of our vision. We want to communicate an authentic message, and this is my natural approach as the designer. From my own experiences and inspirations, I want to tell a broader story whilst still remaining anchored in our overall identity. Its this juxtaposition that sets us apart. That being said, Its definitely an exciting time for streetwear right now and I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve.

What’s next for Empire Collection?

We have some very exciting collaborations coming up. We’ll also be doing more work on an international scale and continuing to develop our brand image, presenting new concepts and ideas forward. Its going to be very impactful, but I don’t want to spoil the surprises we have in store!

Images courtesy of Empire Collection

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks.

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