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Meet The Designer Behind No Sesso: LA's Anti-Gender, Pro-Inclusivity Label

Designer of the fashion house dedicated to inclusivity & an all-encompassing definition of beauty, Pierre Davis is making waves across the country as NO SESSO expands beyond its west coast roots. We took a walk with Davis through LA’s Historic Fashion district to discuss everything fashion, night life, & who we might see on NO SESSO’s next runway.

Tell us a bit about how NO SESSO started.

NO SESSO started around 2012 when I was in school. I had to design a collection based on clothes that inspired me, so I went to stores around Seattle but couldn’t find anything relatable. After that I decided to make a non-gender clothing line & thats how it started. But 2015 was when it really developed into a brand, before that it was just a regular art practice. You know, just putting on art shows throughout Seattle & a few when I first moved to LA.

What does NO SESSO mean to you and for the brand at large?

NO SESSO is Italian for “No Gender/No Sex” & it means wearing whatever you want! Clothing shouldn’t have a gender assigned to it, Its for everyone to express themselves the way they want.

And you’re a part time DJ too! walk us through a night with NO SESSO.

Our parties are always in a downtown warehouse & You don’t get the location until the day of so it’s top secret! All the NO SESSO family is always there, either DJ’ing, serving looks, or just having fun. This past Friday my friend Serpent With Feet was there & Mia Carucci who’s a well known DJ in LA. Serpent brought FKA Twigs with him & I got to meet her so that was really cool. You really never know who’s gonna come! The music ranges from New Orleans Bounce to House to Hardcore Female Hip Hop, its all really fab & empowering. Its a space that we’re providing for everyone to come, carry & just have a good time.

As a designer, where do you find creative inspiration for each collection?

I base a lot on how I’m feeling & whats going on with my friends, I don’t like to go by whats trendy. This past collection with NYFW was based on business-bitch-energy. I felt like I was starting to further myself in my career & so we played off the fantasy of what you want to wear when you’re a CEO going to these meetings & sitting at a fab table with this crazy view of downtown. Building the fantasy of the NO SESSO business world!

To expand on that, can you tell us a bit more about NYFW?

Fashion week was so crazy & amazing, I’m so humbled by the experience & how everything happened. We had a lot of our LA models that came out for the show & it was really fun to have our whole NO SESSO team going hard for 10 days. The day of the show everything went so fast that it felt like it didn’t really happened, a dream almost. It was really nice because I had a goal to show at fashion week before I was 30 & I was able to make that happen!

The show featured the likes of Steve Lacey and Kelsey Lu! If you could pick any three artists to walk your next runway, who would they be?

Jungle Pussy! I love her, she has great energy & is a cool homie of mine. Asian Doll, her style is really cute & her energy is really fab. The third would be Kelela, I design listening to her music all the time!

As the first transgender designer to present a collection with CFDA Fashion Week, how does it feel to be making this sort of fashion history? 

It feels amazing! It’s about time that we’re noticed within the fashion world & not as just models but as creators also. I just feel honored & blessed that I could make that happen.

And lastly, for those of us who are also trying to make it happen, whats some advice you’d give us?

Just keep going. Never give up & never doubt yourself. You’re your biggest fan but also your biggest critic, so whatever you do just keep going. We need everyone to express themselves so you can’t ever stop doing that!

Stay tuned to Milk for more gender-free fashion.

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