Moishe Mana is taking the fight to Donald Trump before he can kidnap the country. Here's what he had to say about his offer, Bernie Sanders supporters, and the danger we're all facing.



This Entrepreneur Will Donate $1M If Trump Releases His Tax Returns

When Moishe Mana came to America from Tel Aviv, he had pennies in his pocket and dreams of making it big–then literally went from (dishwashing) rags to riches. He created the largest independent moving company in New York. He’s an art collector and a real estate developer. He’s the embodiment of the American Dream that immigrants have held tight to throughout American history. And now, he’s taking on his largest challenge yet: Donald Trump.

Mana, who has run in the same circles as Trump for years, has set his businesses aside to save the America he fell in love with. This week, he pledged to donate $1 million to any charity of Trump’s choice on the condition that the presidential nominee release his tax returns. It seems like an easy bet, given how often Trump brags about his charitability, yet Trump has remained steadfast in his opposition to letting a shred of reality slip out of the billionaire businessman image he’s crafted for himself—and Mana knows that.

He puts Trump’s net worth at about $200-300 million and, when we sat down for a phone call, he was swift in his condemnation of the man who has hijacked the Republican Party. While he waited to hear whether Trump would take the offer, we talked to Mana about the hazards of closing the border, what Bernie Sanders supporters need to do next, and why life isn’t about winning.

Moishe Mana has made it his mission to take down Trump to save the country he loves.
Moishe Mana has made it his mission to take down Trump to save the country he loves.

You came here as an immigrant, and have done so much in your life. How do you think a Trump presidency would stop stories like yours from happening for other people?

America is the land of opportunity. America wouldn’t be America without the people who came from the outside—very, very talented people came from the outside. The minute they close the borders, the people who would come here will go to China or India or Russia or so many other states. They’re going to give their knowledge to other countries so America will lose more than the individuals. America is going to lose the talent. So many immigrants have come and changed everything here.

What spurred that idea to donate $1 million if Trump released his taxes?

As a person who grew up in New York and worked with the banking industry in New York, I know firsthand that banks do not want to give Donald Trump money. Simply because, who would give a person money when they know that, if he has a chance, he will screw them? The banks know the tricks, they know the promises, and they do not want to work with him.

Donald Trump has proven himself a cheat and a liar. Bankruptcies, 3,500 lawsuits, people who didn’t get paid. He’s promising a field of dreams to people, and walking away clean like nothing happened. The issue of the security of the United States is very important for me, and our futures. I want to protect the way we live: our jobs, and our causes, and our purposes in this life.

Bernie Sanders supporters are threatening to vote for Trump or for a third party candidate. What do you think of this “Bernie or Bust” movement?

Bernie Sanders is the closest [ideologically] to Hillary Clinton, and they have to be realistic. If it was up to me, I probably would’ve voted for Bernie Sanders, but he’s not here. If you want Bernie, that’s okay, but continue the movement and work with Hillary. We’re at a crossroads here. I think once we take this road, it’ll take a very long time to go back. This is not a regular election. We’re dealing with a demagogue. A person who has scammed so many people in the past. For Trump supporters, what upside do they have? What do they see?

I don’t think he even wants to be president. He just wants to win.

Exactly! Life is not about winning. Winning is not a purpose. It’s only a means to a purpose. Every second word out of his mouth is “win, win, win.” It’s not like that in life.

A lot of people have said that he’s the most dangerous threat to America. Do you think that’s true?

You know what? I don’t sleep at night. I’m not Republican, I’m not Democrat. I’ve never gotten involved because I had no reason to. With this guy, he’s absolutely absolutely absolutely the most dangerous, not just for the security of the United States, but the security of all of us. He’s going to pin people against each other. This is his practice, and that’s what he does, and really what I’m afraid of. Everybody wanted to come to America because they can really be true to who they are without people judging them. The very fundamental things that made America so great, and made America so appealing to so many people, [Trump] wants to go and destroy them.

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Images via Moishe Mana, IBTimes and Donald Trump. 

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