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1/23 — Batman wearing Juun.J FW16



Meet the Illustrator Styling The Hulk in Raf Simons

We know what you’re thinking: is that Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin, and is she wearing a full Dries look from his SS16 show? The answer is yes and yes—and for this, you have David Murray to thank. Raised in Ireland and currently based in London, Murray designs outerwear for a living and draws in his spare time. And never before has a predilection for both fashion and sci-fi and horror films produced such stirring, imaginative, and imposing works. Streetwear capsule collections, yes, but never anything remotely as breathtaking as Murray’s illustrations.

As Murray told us, it was actually a coat from Juun.J’s FW14 collection that initially inspired him to start swathing some of his favorite fictional characters in the most coveted runway looks. The coat “immediately made me think of Frankenstein’s monster,” he said. And after further research, he “discovered that a lot of the FW14 collections included looks that [his] favorite horror movie characters could wear without looking too comical or out of place.” We see it—and if we’re being honest, we’ve always taken The Hulk to be a Raf Simons kind-of-guy too.

As someone who spends his days collaborating and working with other designers, Murray sees his illustrations as an outlet where he can express himself freely and uninhibitedly. The results—which you can see for yourself above—are nothing short of mesmerizing. Not to mention entirely fitting for Halloween.

All images courtesy of David Murray. 

To see more of David Murray’s work, check out his Tumblr here

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